The press in the Philippines has confirmed notable good news for auto enthusiasts when the Toyota Rangga Concept, a pickup version that attracted attention at the GIIAS 2023 Exhibition, will soon launch in the Southeast Asian market through through regional assembly, from 2024.

The Toyota Rangga Concept delighted car enthusiasts when it was shown at the Gaikindo Indonesia 2023 exhibition, and from that moment on, the wait for it to be put on the production line became reality. The project originated from the original IMV 0 concept and underwent development in Thailand, a place Toyota chose to celebrate its 60th anniversary there late last year.

According to information from Drive, Toyota Rangga is considered a more significant development of the Toyota Hilux pickup line, the company’s goal is to soon bring it to customers in Southeast Asia next year.

Top Gear Philippines has also witnessed and confirmed the information that Toyota has confirmed plans to put the Rangga into production and assembly with many engine options such as gasoline and turbocharged diesel, in the near future. However, versions using hybrid and electric technology will not be available from the beginning, but will be introduced later.

It is expected that Toyota Rangga will appear on the market as early as next year in some countries. With top priority given to Southeast Asia (this reflects Toyota President Akio Toyoda’s statement on the IMV 0 project late last year), it is followed by the South African market, around period from 2025 to 2026.

In terms of production, Toyota has decided to carry out the first assembly phase of Rangga in Southeast Asia. Although Toyota has a presence in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam, however, there is currently no specific information about where this pickup line will be produced. For the South African market, Toyota plans to assemble a separate Rangga version here.

An outstanding advantage of the Toyota Rangga is the ability to easily customize into many different body configurations, flexible and flexible according to the intended use.

Although there is no official name for this car model, the press in the Philippines has proposed the name “Tamaraw” for this car model. Tamaraw used to be the name of a pickup model produced by Toyota in the period from the 1970s to 1990s. In addition, the name “Stout” – a name that has been associated with “Toyota pickup” from 2022 to the present – is also has been proposed as a potential solution.

Having a popular car line, with a reasonable price, ready to serve the masses can be a step to help Toyota raise the position of the Hilux car line to a new level. A more powerful and expensive chassis (possibly based on the TNGA-F platform, with details similar to the Land Cruiser/Prado), along with a luxurious interior, could be the direction Toyota is heading. coming to the next generation of Hilux.

Source: Auto Pro

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