Hyundai Santa Fe 2024 with an off-road version called XRT has shared more attractive real-life images.

The launch event of the new Hyundai Santa Fe on August 10 was not only a comprehensive specification presentation, but also revealed the XRT off-road version. Today, until August 16, the Korean car company continued to introduce more detailed images of the Santa Fe XRT.

However, underneath these new pictures lies a message that can make many fans feel disappointed, which is that this version is not currently in the production plan.

Compared to the original model, this XRT concept version is equipped with more outdoor amenities to serve “the diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts”.

Hyundai has not announced specific specifications for the Santa Fe XRT, the company only introduced images of the car. Based on new images along with information from sources in Korea, Hyundai has equipped the Santa Fe XRT with many off-road accessories such as a roof rack with spare tire, rear door ladder, and trunk. mounted on the left side, exclusive dark black 5-spoke wheels and off-road tires.

Furthermore, the camera mounted on the side enhances visibility around and below the vehicle, helping the driver meticulously monitor the terrain and make accurate decisions during off-road driving.

Hyundai’s decision regarding the Santa Fe XRT is truly surprising. In recent times, many competitors in the market have continuously introduced off-road versions for their SUV/pickup lines to adapt to market trends. For example, Ford’s Timberline line or Subaru’s Wilderness line.

Source: Auto Pro

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