Ford Explorer EV postpones launch date to summer 2024

The pure electric version of the Ford Explorer has officially postponed its launch date to the summer of 2024.

Initially, when Ford revealed the all-electric version of the Ford Explorer in Europe, the company announced a detailed plan for price and delivery time in the fall of 2023. However, because of technical standards regarding electric batteries in Europe, the company had to adjust the product introduction schedule. These standards have been imposed to ensure the recyclability of electric batteries and minimize the negative environmental impact of their production.

Despite the Explorer name, Ford’s all-electric SUV will not have any technical links to the gasoline version currently on the market. This is because the car will use partner Volkswagen’s MEB platform instead of a Ford chassis, making it the first Ford model to use this platform.

With a length of less than 4.5 meters, the Ford Explorer EV will be shorter than the Mazda CX-5 and only have 5 seats. Although specific details about the vehicle have not been revealed, according to Auto Express, the standard version of the Explorer EV will use a single electric motor with a capacity of 168 horsepower and the ability to travel 351 km. More advanced versions will have a capacity/range of 228 horsepower/539 km and 335 horsepower/491 km.

The standard version will be equipped with rear-wheel drive, while the more advanced version will have 4-wheel drive, fast charging capability (10-80% in 25 minutes) and heat pump system to increase performance. energy.

In terms of design, the Ford Explorer EV will have a stronger sports car style compared to the curved style often seen on Volkswagen models and even the Mustang Mach-E.

Some design highlights include a front “shield” replacing the traditional grille, daytime lights incorporating the word “Explorer”, a U-shaped protective plate, and vertical taillights similar to the regular version. and 19 to 21 inch alloy wheels that optimize aerodynamics.

Inside, the interior of the Ford Explorer EV has a modern style with a 14.6-inch vertical central screen that can be raised and lowered up to 30 degrees. When the screen is lowered to its lowest level, the center control area will be covered. Below the center screen is a touch-sensitive touchpad to control volume and driving assistance features.

In front of the steering wheel, there is a 5-inch digital screen that displays driving information, battery capacity and status of automatic driving assistance features. In addition to the hidden storage compartment as mentioned, there is a space for large smartphones with wireless charging. There is also a removable cup tray.

When first introduced in March this year, Ford planned a starting price of less than 48,300 USD. However, changes in battery technology may increase the price of this electric SUV version.

Source: Auto Pro

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