Manulife life insurance for children

In our country’s insurance market today, there is the participation and presence of many different insurance businesses, including both domestic and foreign businesses. Prominent among the international insurance brands present in Vietnam is Manulife life insurance, which appeared very early in our country’s insurance market in 1999. With its strong potential, The parent company’s financial strength, sustainable development over the years, a large operating network, along with high-quality customer services, diverse products and attractive benefits. ,…Manulife has truly become a reputable and close companion to many customers in Vietnam. Especially the products Manulife life insurance for children Receiving a lot of appreciation and trust from parents for their children, please join IBAOHIEM to share below to better understand this product!

Life insurance for children is a type of insurance designed to provide timely protection for children against health and physical risks by partially or fully supporting necessary expenses. to pay for damages incurred while the child is insured. Next, life insurance also accompanies parents and children in accumulating finances, building an effective private asset and developing their financial capacity to the maximum when they become adults. .

In other words, through the accumulation of insurance money over time, children have the opportunity to learn about finance and investing, and later on, they can use this money to secure their future. your finances. Accordingly, when participating Manulife life insurance for children Children will receive quick protection and compensation from Manulife insurance. Insurance benefits will depend on the terms that the parties have signed into the contract.

Manulife life insurance for children

My Family Loves product: applies to children from one month old, with compensation up to 150 times the insurance premium until reaching age 99. This ensures an optimal level of protection for you and your family. family. Or if a child is at risk or sick, all benefits will be paid, helping to reduce the financial burden in the most difficult times. In addition, Manulife also supports 100% of insurance for each day of hospitalization, 200% of the contract when the child has to be treated at an emergency room, etc.

Manulife life insurance for children Bringing Dreams to Life is also an outstanding product chosen by many families, with attractive benefits such as: benefits related to serious diseases applicable to children up to 18 years old; Learning benefits, Manulife’s learning fund will pay for expenses related to learning with support up to 150% of the insurance amount,…

Or you can also choose Manulife’s Happy Journey product, which not only establishes an effective protection plan for children but also integrates benefits for the whole family with attractive payments such as: Pay up to 100% of the insurance amount for internal injuries, broken bones, and serious burns caused by accidents; pays up to 400% of death benefits; Attractive medical benefits such as payment of 3 million VND/day when hospitalized, etc.

Hopefully the above sharing from IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information when learning about the program. Manulife life insurance for children.

Learn product details here: Life insurance

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