Toyota Mirai: A breakthrough in the Hydrogen vehicle market

Toyota Mirai is being greatly discounted by US dealers, selling at the same price as Corolla.

Toyota attracted public attention when some of its dealers in the US strongly reduced prices for the Mirai model.

Dealers have offered the Toyota Mirai for sale with discounts of up to $40,000, bringing the price down to about $27,000 for the Limited version, nearly the price of a fully optioned Corolla.

This is considered a strong move to expand the market and increase the popularity of hydrogen-fueled vehicles. However, the discounted cars are all 2023 models, not the latest 2024 models.

The Toyota Mirai, “Mirai” meaning “future” in Japanese, is a medium-sized hydrogen-fueled vehicle, the first to be mass-produced and sold commercially.

Mirai uses a fuel cell system with an output capacity of 3.0 kW/L, more than twice as powerful as Toyota’s previous test models. The car has a motor that produces 182 horsepower and 300 Nm of torque, and is equipped with a rear-wheel drive configuration.

One special thing about Mirai is that in August 2021, this car set a Guinness record for the longest distance traveled by a hydrogen-fueled vehicle without refueling.

However, hydrogen-powered vehicles still have to overcome the obstacle of fueling infrastructure, with hydrogen filling stations currently facing supply difficulties and unstable operations in the US.

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