Century – a car line known for more than 50 years of history and often appearing on high-ranking leaders and Japanese royalty, will become an independent brand, more classy than Lexus and compete directly with Xe Rolls Royce brand.

Toyota Century SUV launched last year and is known as Japan’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan. This brand will now compete directly with the Goodwood-based automaker as Toyota’s independent luxury car brand, standing out and surpassing everything Lexus has ever offered. .

This was a decision revealed at the recent Tokyo Auto Salon, following the advice of a Toyota executive who did not want to be named. With the new position, Century will become a high-class competitor in the global luxury car market, focusing mainly on the European, Middle East, Asian and American markets.

The Century car line, starting with the 2024 Toyota Century “President” SUV, has attracted attention when compared to Japan’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Century will be available with a range of options and upgrades, allowing customers to personalize to their preferences. The standard version costs about 170,000 USD, while the GRMN version with higher upgrade levels costs up to 220,000 USD.

If Century becomes an independent brand, the SUV could be called simply ‘Century’, while the sedan version could be called ‘Century Sedan’.

Although there are many challenges ahead, with its historical prestige and luxury Century can perfect famous rivals such as Rolls-Royce, questioning their power and craftsmanship compared to the Flying B or Spirit of Ecstasy.

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