Mazda6 may be replaced by electric version Mazda6e: New evidence from Mazda

Rumors that the Mazda6 will be replaced by a completely new electric version, called Mazda6e, have received confirmation from the copyright registration of this name on the website of the Federal Intellectual Property Office. European Union.

Remarkable transformation

The current Mazda6 is expected to stop production in Japan in April 2024. However, the registration of the name Mazda6e shows that the Japanese brand may be preparing for a new generation with electrified versions.

Change in name

It is worth noting that Mazda has never used the suffix “e” in the name of a car model before, only for the engine name (e-SkyActiv). The registration of the name Mazda6e may be a sign of a change in Mazda’s naming style, hinting at the development of an electric vehicle version.

Process of converting to electric vehicles

The registration of an electric Mazda6 version in Europe reflects the trend of switching to electric vehicles in this region, and this is a reasonable move for Mazda in the context of a gradually shifting market.

Shaping the future

The connection between the Mazda6e and the Mazda EZ-6 is still unclear, another car line that is rumored to be a new version of the Mazda6 but may be produced in China.

With the registration information of the Mazda6e name and the trend of converting to electric vehicles, Mazda is shaping a bright future in its electric vehicle field. The appearance of the Mazda6e could be an important step in the brand’s next journey in the auto industry.

According to Legal Life

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