Kia K4 is a new choice in the Sedan world

Kia’s new internal combustion engine-powered compact sedan will make its global debut at the New York Auto Show.

While the SUV craze is dominating the global auto market, Kia is determined not to let the sedan line sink into oblivion. And that commitment is demonstrated through the birth of the Kia K4 – a compact, modern sedan, and will be officially introduced on March 21, at the New York Auto Show.

With the release of the first teaser images, Kia has introduced a new look for the K4 – a sportier, youthful, and sharper design than the Kia Forte (also known as the Kia K3). Higher aesthetics are expressed through sharp lines, beautiful LED lighting, and eye-catching fastback styling.

Although Kia has yet to reveal specific specifications, it promises that the K4 will set “new standards for design, innovation and more engaging driving experience in the small sedan segment.” The interior of the K4 is equally modern, with a large screen combining a digital gauge cluster and infotainment system.

Regarding powertrain options, the Kia K4 will be equipped with a 1.6L turbocharged engine and a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, along with a hybrid powertrain option, to meet the diverse needs of markets. different.

With the appearance of Kia K4, the compact sedan market is renewed, promising to bring new and stylish choices to consumers. Kia once again affirms its role in shaping new trends and standards in the auto industry.

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