BYD dominates the Japanese electric vehicle market

Chinese electric vehicle companies have just won another achievement in the Japanese auto market.

Although Japan has long been one of the top auto exporters, demand for electric vehicles here remains very low. In the first half of 2023, only about 2% of new car sales in Japan were pure electric vehicles, excluding hybrids.

BYD, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, has won the ‘Electric Vehicle of the Year 2023’ award in Japan, a clear demonstration of its influence in this market. The BYD Dolphin electric vehicle took the top spot in the competition, being highly rated with a score of 241.

BYD Dolphin’s big win in Japan is a clear example of the transformation in the auto industry. Although Japanese automakers like Toyota and Honda also offer electric models, they cannot compete with BYD’s diversity and reach.

This is because BYD has the ability to flexibly adapt to the local requirements of each market. For example, the BYD Dolphin is adapted to the smaller size of parking spots in Japan, which makes it more popular among consumers in the land of the rising sun.

In addition, the BYD Atto 3 model also impressed in Japan, competing directly with models from Tesla at a significantly lower price. This shows the strong competitiveness of Chinese manufacturers even in traditional markets such as Japan.

As China increasingly takes the lead in global auto exports, the boom of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers like BYD is just part of a larger trend in the global auto industry.

According to InsideEVs

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