American Customer Reviews of VinFast Electric Vehicles: Unexpected Attraction from a New Brand

The fact that North Carolina’s largest television station, WRAL, was surprised by the appeal of VinFast electric cars has created a positive wave in the car community. American customers have shared positive feelings about the quality and performance of VinFast electric car models, making this brand quickly win hearts.

Superior Experience of American Customers with VinFast

In WRAL’s latest video clip, reporter Matt Talhelm interviewed American customers who are satisfied with owning a VinFast car. One of them is Matthews Brunt, President of the Carolina Viper Car Club, who shared a positive impression of the VF 8 model. His wife, Ashly Brunt, doesn’t even remember when to refuel because of the noise. The vehicle’s smooth sound and impressive performance.

Careful Research and Disappointment Before Experience

Mr. Brunt and his wife, car enthusiasts, carefully researched VinFast and read through some negative reviews before deciding to buy. However, after practical experience, they changed their opinion and gave many compliments to VinFast VF 8. They even established a customer community group to collect opinions and reflect on their experiences. me.

Quality, Price, and Attractive Policies

American customers also appreciate VinFast’s quality, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of price and customer support policy. According to Mr. David Cole, Leith VinFast Dealer Director, the rental price of less than $250 for the VF 8 model is an important deciding factor why many people choose VinFast. Currently, the number of VinFast cars sold and rented at dealerships has exceeded initial expectations, demonstrating the special appeal of the brand.

Conclusion: VinFast – A Peaceful and Effective Choice

American customers’ satisfaction with VinFast is not only the result of product quality but also proactiveness in listening and addressing feedback from the community. VinFast is becoming a safe and effective choice in the electric vehicle market, especially when this positive feeling is strongly shared through WRAL’s reportage.

According to Autopro

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