5-digit automatic identification plate from August 15, car dealers with beautiful plates worry about ‘losing everything’

When Circular 24 of the Ministry of Public Security takes effect from August 15, the current 5-digit plates will default to identification number plates. This regulation is causing beautiful license plate dealers to face heavy losses and “lose their jobs”.

From August 15, Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA of the Ministry of Public Security regulating the process of granting and revoking registration and license plates of road motor vehicles officially takes effect. Vehicle registration plates will be issued and managed according to the vehicle owner’s identification code, also known as the identification number plate.

One of the most interesting content is that the identification number plate issued from August 15, 2023 will default to a 5-digit plate format. In case a vehicle has a 5-digit license plate registered before August 15 but has not yet completed recovery procedures, that license plate number will be determined as the vehicle owner’s identification license plate (according to Clause 1, Article 39 of Circular 24/2023). /TT-BCA).

If the vehicle owner does not want to use the current license plate as an identification license plate, they can carry out the recall procedure (if subject to recall) before August 15, 2023 so that the management agency can transfer it to the number warehouse and issue the number. that for others.

This new regulation makes car dealers with beautiful license plates in Hanoi confused and worried.

5-digit automatic identification plates from August 15, car dealers with beautiful plates are worried "lost everything"

The 5-digit automatic identification plate from August 15 makes beautiful car dealers worried about “bankruptcy”

Talking to VietNamNet, Mr. Tran Quang, a person specializing in selling and exchanging cars with beautiful license plates in Hanoi, said that the market for transferring cars with beautiful license plates may “freeze” after August 15 because of regulations. The default 5-digit plates are identification plates.

“Previously, there was a car with a license plate, but now there’s a license plate for each person, and the license plate will follow each person’s identification code. Thus, dealers can no longer sell cars with beautiful license plates,” Mr. Quang commented.

“The car business with beautiful license plates has been worried for more than a week now. The license plate identification information was already known before, but the brothers in the industry were still able to push the goods, and the selling price was even higher than before. But when Circular 24/2023 was officially issued on July 12, clearly stipulating that 5-digit license plates will automatically be identified and do not trigger any additional procedures. This makes it impossible for car dealers with beautiful license plates to ‘ Respond in time'”, Mr. Quang added.

According to Mr. Quang, from time immemorial, people who play beautiful license plates can play all kinds of license plates in the provinces. License plates from any province can be played as long as they are beautiful. But when identifying license plates, it is different. People from any province will only use that province’s license plate to facilitate the transfer to the owner’s name. Therefore, for stores that are holding many cars with beautiful license plates, especially cars with provincial license plates, they will struggle, even afraid of losing everything because it is very difficult to push goods at this time.

As one of the few people who managed to sell all of their cars with beautiful license plates before the identification law was officially applied, Mr. Do Trung Hieu (Hanoi) said that currently in the world of selling cars and motorbikes with beautiful license plates, There are two different opinions. Some people who are “holding” a lot of cars with beautiful license plates believe that the new law will not be applied, and cars with beautiful 5-digit license plates can still be traded and sold normally.

In fact, according to Mr. Hieu, this is impossible, because the regulations in Circular 24 clearly state that existing 5-digit plates and new signs after August 15 are automatically identified and cannot be traded. You can exchange cars with beautiful license plates. At that time, the license plate is no longer an asset, cannot be authorized to buy or sell, cannot be inherited, which means it is no different from a Citizen Identification Card.

“In the past 1-2 years, the price of beautiful license plates has increased 3 times compared to before. Mainly because workers and players themselves push up the price. It is difficult for people to access. That’s why when information is announced. April 24, 2023 is applied, car dealers with beautiful license plates now accept selling at a loss, lowering prices to the floor without having time to sell out all goods, the risk of ‘bankruptcy’ will be very high,” he said.

According to Vietnamnet

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