Schengen travel insurance

Nowadays, domestic and international travel is increasingly developing and tourism demand is increasing. For that reason, the need to buy travel insurance is also increasing. Typically, when visiting European countries, Schengen travel insurance will be a reliable companion to help you solve difficult problems while traveling. In this article, join IBAOHIEM to learn about the benefits of participating in Schengen travel insurance.

Schengen travel insurance, also known as European travel insurance. This insurance package is designed to help customers complete the visa process at the Embassies of Schengen countries. This is a type of insurance required for tourists when traveling to Schengen countries, which include 26 European countries that have agreed to waive visas and create a free movement zone within which People can move freely between member states.

Schengen travel insurance will ensure all benefits of insurance buyers in many different cases. In particular, this insurance package will provide medical and financial protection for travelers when traveling within the Schengen area. In addition, buying insurance completely benefits you in case of unforeseen risks such as: non-refundable air tickets when connecting flights are missed, luggage is lost or stolen. Especially when you encounter health problems due to changes in environment, climate, living conditions or unexpected accidents, you will be supported with treatment costs.

Schengen travel insurance ensures the rights of insurance buyers in many different cases. Specifically, insurance will support:

  • Personal accident
  • Medical and other expenses
  • Emergency medical transportation costs
  • Hospitalization allowance
  • Luggage and belongings
  • Luggage pick up is slow
  • Bring money and travel documents
  • The trip was delayed
  • Loss of deposit or trip cancellation
  • Reimbursement of rental vehicle insurance deductible
Schengen travel insurance

PVI international travel insurance

As the leading insurance provider in the Vietnamese market today, PVI with Schengen travel insurance is committed to bringing you the best trip to Europe. With global insurance coverage, Schengen PVI travel insurance participants cover expenses arising from the risk of illness or unfortunate accidents during the trip, including: Medical expenses due to accidents, Sickness and illness with protection up to 2 billion VND. In addition, this insurance package is also extended to cover costs incurred such as late baggage pick-up, lost travel documents, shortened or canceled trips, or delayed trips.

Learn product details here: PVI travel insurance

Bao Viet international travel insurance

Bao Viet Insurance specializes in selling European and Schengen travel insurance to apply for VISA (visa) for travel, family visits, family reunions, work, study abroad, and graduate students in other countries. SCHENGEN block. With only a fee from 140,000 VND you can enjoy benefits up to 120,000 USD/EUR. With many different insurance participation limits, customers can flexibly choose the insurance program that best suits their needs and finances. Bao Viet is also a unit recommended by the embassy, ​​so customers can feel completely secure when choosing Bao Viet to protect you on every trip.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet travel insurance

Liberty international travel insurance

The diversity of insurance programs has brought Liberty a large number of customers with many different needs and finances. Subjects covered by Liberty’s travel insurance are from 0 to 80 years old. Above all, insurance programs with different fees make customers’ choices flexible, they can choose the insurance amount from $50,000 to $150,000 and especially get Schengen covid insurance, An ideal destination, so prepare yourself carefully so as not to affect your trip. Travel insurance helps make your trip safer and more complete.

Learn product details here: Liberty travel insurance

If you still don’t know where to buy reputable Schengen travel insurance to ensure your benefits, you can contact IBAOHIEM – a trusted partner of many of the most reputable insurance companies on the market today. such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, Pjico, VBI,…

IBAOHIEM is pleased to become your companion in the process of researching, purchasing and using insurance:

– Receive compensation 24/7 including days off and holidays

– IBAOHIEM owns a team of consultants with bachelor’s degrees or higher, committed to supporting customers enthusiastically and quickly.

Hopefully the above article from IBAOHIEM can help you understand more Schengen travel insurance.

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