PVI auto body insurance

Although the Ministry of Transport does not require the purchase of car body insurance, the trend of choosing to buy this insurance package is still very popular. Because this is a way to help car owners have more rights when their car has an accident. For this reason, many people have chosen PVI for advice and support in purchasing physical insurance for their vehicles at preferential prices and many of the most attractive benefits. In this article, let’s learn more about this with IBAOHIEM PVI auto body insurance Please.

Car body insurance is a registered insurance package that comes with the civil liability insurance package that car owners often choose. It is also known as auto physical insurance. This is not part of the mandatory insurance package but is of great interest. Because when buying insurance, vehicle losses in the frame, body, shell, equipment, engine… will all be compensated by the insurer for repair or replacement costs. Thus, the cost that car owners have to spend to fix the problem will no longer be a problem to worry about.

PVI auto body insurance

After more than 30 years of establishment and development, PVI Insurance is currently one of the leading companies in the Vietnamese insurance market. PVI provides a wide range of insurance products and services, including life insurance and non-life insurance. PVI’s non-life insurance products include auto insurance, home insurance, property insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and many other types of insurance.

PVI also provides corporate insurance, cargo insurance, securities insurance and construction risk insurance services. The company has a nationwide service network and has built partnerships with many reputable domestic and foreign insurance companies.

PVI is highly regarded in the insurance industry and has received many awards for its service quality and contribution to the community. The company always focuses on providing flexible insurance solutions that suit customers’ needs, while ensuring customers’ rights and peace of mind in all cases of risk.

In the increasingly competitive Vietnamese insurance market, PVI still maintains its position thanks to its reputation and service quality. The company is always committed to meeting customers’ insurance needs in a professional and reliable manner.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, PVI is one of the top 3 insurance brands with more than 30 years of experience. Not only does it provide car insurance, but the service also has many attractive insurance packages for human health and life so you can have peace of mind with your choice.

When participating in the physical insurance package at PVI, you will enjoy the following insurance benefits:

  • Collision, collision (including collision with objects other than motor vehicles), overturning, falling, sinking, falling of the entire vehicle, being hit by other objects
  • Fire, conflagration, explosion
  • Force majeure natural disasters (including but not limited to storms, floods, floods, lightning strikes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, etc.)
  • Loss of entire vehicle due to theft or robbery
  • Malicious acts, intentional sabotage, but excluding malicious acts, intentional sabotage by the vehicle owner

In addition to the compensation amount for damage to the vehicle, PVI Insurance also pays the vehicle owner the necessary and reasonable expenses that the vehicle owner has spent to perform the work according to the requirements and instructions of PVI Insurance when loss occurs (within the scope of insurance), including:

  • Costs for protecting the scene, preventing and limiting losses that may arise (including costs for protecting the scene, etc.).
  • The cost of rescuing and transporting the damaged vehicle to the nearest repair place must not exceed 10% of the insurance amount.

In addition to the above benefits, car owners participating in PVI auto body insurance can choose additional insurance benefits such as: no depreciation of spare parts, choosing a genuine repair facility, damage insurance. engine damage due to hydrostatic shock,…

Depending on the needs and type of vehicle that the car owner is insuring, PVI will design car body insurance packages with different fees, helping car owners to maximally prevent risks that may occur to their car. your vehicle while in traffic.

Hopefully through this article, IBAOHIEM has helped you get more information related to PVI auto body insurance.

Learn product details here: PVI auto insurance

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