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Nowadays, with just a phone or laptop, with a few simple steps, you can immediately have a product according to your needs. Understanding customers’ desire to shop online, insurance companies gradually provide online insurance purchasing services, especially international travel insurance. As an indispensable product for customers who need to travel and work abroad, buying international travel insurance online brings many benefits and rich, attractive benefits. In this article, IBAOHIEM will learn about the benefits Buy international travel insurance online And where can I buy it from a reputable place?

International travel insurance is a type of insurance for people traveling abroad. When you travel abroad, you may encounter unexpected risks such as lost luggage, flight cancellation, accident or illness. International travel insurance will be very useful for those who are passionate about traveling or often have to travel abroad.

We cannot predict risks that may occur during our trip. Especially in cases where you are in a completely unfamiliar country, it will make it difficult for you to manage and solve problems. Therefore, international travel insurance with many benefits will be able to protect you against incidents and make you feel more secure during the trip.

Buy international travel insurance online

International travel insurance will support customers’ benefits in cases of delayed/cancelled flights, accidents, illnesses, lost luggage, medical aid, etc.

None of us can predict what will happen to us. Anytime, anywhere, especially when traveling abroad, risks can occur at any time without warning. Sometimes, we will fall into a state of confusion and deadlock, not knowing how to resolve situations, especially financial-related issues. Therefore, when you own international travel insurance, you will feel more secure and be better protected in terms of both health and finances throughout the trip.

  • Liberty travel insurance: Liberty insurance is the perfect choice for customers to meet their protection needs and financial needs. You will be fully protected against unnecessary risks. With only 1 USD/person/day, Liberty TravelCare Travel Insurance fully protects you and your family against risks that arise when traveling abroad. Currently, Liberty travel insurance offers 3 insurance programs, providing maximum support to customers when incidents or risks occur during visits, travel, study abroad, or work.
  • PVI Travel Insurance: PVI International Travel Insurance pays and compensates insurance related to medical expenses, personal accidents, lost luggage, flight delays/cancellations, loss of travel documents. medical assistance and travel support, hospital allowance, and support for children’s education expenses as specified in the insurance contract. PVI international travel insurance provides global coverage, with 6 insurance programs to suit the diverse needs of many customers.
  • Flexi Bao Viet Travel Insurance: Bao Viet’s Flexi international travel insurance package will insure Vietnamese or foreigners living in Vietnam and between the ages of 6 months and older – 85 years old. Particularly for children aged 11 years and under, an insured adult must accompany and accompany them on the trip. Flexi international travel insurance term has a maximum insurance period of 180 consecutive days and preferential rates apply if your whole family participates in this 1 foreign travel insurance policy. Not only that, Flexi travel insurance benefits are high and attractive, with a maximum of up to 120,000 USD/EUR/person/trip.

If you still don’t know where to buy reputable international travel insurance online to ensure your benefits, you can contact IBAOHIEM – a trusted partner of many of the most reputable insurance companies on the market. Currently such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, Pjico, VBI,…

IBAOHIEM is pleased to become your companion in the process of researching, purchasing and using insurance:

– Receive compensation 24/7 including days off and holidays

– IBAOHIEM owns a team of consultants with bachelor’s degrees or higher, committed to supporting customers enthusiastically and quickly.

Hopefully through this article, IBAOHIEM has helped you understand clearly Buy international travel insurance online.

Learn product details here: International travel insurance

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