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Some highly appreciated options for limiting and preventing risks of occupational accidents include: regular maintenance of machinery and equipment used by workers, increased education and investment in technology. labor protection, guidance on basic skills to limit human and physical losses, etc. And especially the concern and appreciation for Buy accident insurance for workers – because this is a superior solution, providing human protection and ensuring financial compensation for relevant entities. Therefore, to better understand the role and value of this product, please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below!

Accident insurance is one of the insurance programs in the non-life insurance category, and focuses on the health, injury, and life of the insured person. In essence, this is a voluntary insurance product, participating according to the choice of any individual who needs protection, but for employers and contractors. construction by workers who are workers – this product is mandatory for participation. Pursuant to Circular 50/2022/TT-BTC guiding the implementation of Decree 119/2015/ND-CP regulating compulsory insurance in construction investment activities, employers must buy insurance. accidents for its workers with a minimum liability limit of 100 million VND/person/year.

Can say Buy accident insurance is one of the extremely useful social security policies, providing a guarantee to partially compensate or replace workers’ income when they unfortunately lose or lose income due to work accidents or diseases. job. In other words, the policies and benefits of labor accident insurance are of great significance to workers, helping their treatment process be carried out quickly and promptly without the pressure of chemotherapy. hospital bills, and they are also supported with other monthly benefits to help stabilize their lives and work with peace of mind;

Accordingly, workers’ accident insurance will compensate the insured in case they suffer injury or death due to a work accident. The specific benefits that workers will enjoy in each case will be different – because factors such as: the level of damage and actual risks that workers encounter must be considered; terms or insurance program that the customer has chosen to participate in, etc. However, compensation will usually include actual medical expenses incurred, including treatment costs and recovery costs. functions, medications, treatment or use of medical equipment as prescribed by the doctor, in addition, the insured person will also receive additional allowances during the hospital stay…;



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In addition, with worker’s accident insurance, there will be no waiting period, meaning the insured will be protected promptly after the customer completes the payment (unless the parties have other agreements regarding the effectiveness of the insurance). validity of the insurance contract). And when owning accident insurance, workers will not have to worry too much about expensive hospital fees at public hospital voluntary departments, or other legal private medical facilities, because accident insurance victims ensure payment support within 15 days of receiving a valid claim file from the customer. Therefore, when suffering from a work accident or occupational disease risk, workers can choose any legal medical facility for examination and treatment without having to worry too much about hospital bills. birth or geographical distance.

Besides, Buy this insurance Not only does it have great significance for each worker, but for construction business owners, this also helps them reduce the financial expenses they have to pay when their workers have accidents. Because according to the provisions of the Law on Occupational Safety and Hygiene 2015, employers have the following responsibilities when employees suffer from labor accidents or occupational diseases: Promptly provide first aid, emergency care, and liquidation. Calculate medical expenses from first aid and emergency care to stable treatment for accident victims, subsidies or other compensation, etc.

Currently in our country’s insurance market, there are many businesses and insurance brands offering this insurance program and receiving a lot of attention and trust from all customer segments today such as:

Bao Viet 24h accident insurance. Bao Viet, one of the leading non-life insurance brands in the Vietnamese insurance market, was established very early in 1965. After more than half a century of establishment and development, Bao Viet has in the top 25 largest enterprises ranked and recognized by the state, known as the leading insurance retailer with products such as motorbike, car, health, and property insurance, notably Not to mention 24-hour accident insurance… With accident insurance, Bao Viet provides insurance for all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners working or studying in Vietnam from 15 days old to a maximum of 70 years old. age, and the insurance coverage is within the territory of Vietnam with benefits such as death due to accident, partial or total disability caused by accident,…;

Learn product details here: Bao Viet accident insurance

Bao Minh Accident Insurance and Bao Minh are also large non-life insurance enterprises in our country’s insurance market today and were established in 1994. Up to now, Bao Minh has not only received many compliments. prestigious awards and titles such as the Labor Medal, the most popular Vietnamese brand, businesses that take good care of workers’ lives,… but also provide customers with superior financial solutions for vehicles. machinery, people, property, aviation, maritime, agriculture, property, etc. With accident insurance, Bao Minh provides protection for participants who are Vietnamese citizens from 1 year old to 70 years old and paid in the following cases: death, physical injury due to accidents, the insured person takes action to save people, save state property of the people and participate in fighting against illegal actions;

Learn product details here: Bao Minh accident insurance

PVI accident insurance is one of the best-selling products of Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation. Established in 1996, up to now PVI has not only received many awards and noble titles, but also received much appreciation and trust from prestigious organizations at home and abroad and from all segments. customer segment. With accident insurance, PVI will help protect customers against risks related to accidents, for Vietnamese citizens from 1 year old to 70 years old and foreigners studying and working in Vietnam. Male. Along with that are attractive benefits depending on each insurance case such as paying the entire insurance amount, paying according to the disability rate table, or paying medical costs for injury treatment, and monetary support. subsidize,…

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

PTI accident insurance, whose full name is accident insurance, is issued by Postal Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established in 1998, with more than 55 member companies and a customer service network. at 10,800 post offices and post offices nationwide, more than 3,000 employees work at the headquarters and at 55 member companies. In addition, PTI also provides customers with more than 100 different insurance products that provide comprehensive protection for customers and are a superior comprehensive financial solution. And with accident insurance, PTI has insured subjects who are Vietnamese citizens, foreigners working and studying in Vietnam with ages from 16 to 65 years old (for contractual levels) and from full 1 year old. age to 65 years old (for retail levels). Accordingly, the insured person will be paid by PTI in cases such as death, permanent or temporary partial disability with benefits such as hospital cost support, hospitalization allowance, and surgery costs. surgery, treatment according to instructions, etc.

Learn product details here: PTI accident insurance



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MIC accident insurance. Regarding MIC, MIC is the abbreviation of Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established in 2007 by decision of the Central Military Commission and license from the Ministry of Finance. Currently, MIC is not only known as the best insurance unit for units under the Ministry of Defense but is also considered a preeminent insurance unit serving all customers outside the market. And with accident insurance, MIC accepts insurance for Vietnamese citizens and foreigners working and studying in Vietnam with ages from 01 to 70 years old. Accordingly, when risks or accidents occur within the scope and term of insurance, MIC will support you in paying benefits for death, disability, hospital expenses during inpatient treatment, etc. Or when participating in insurance in large quantities, you will receive preferential fees with no change in benefits;

Learn product details here: MIC accident insurance

As shared above, there are many insurance brands that offer accident insurance programs for workers, along with the choice of terms or insurance amount for each business is different. , or the number of workers registered by businesses to participate in accident insurance also varies. Therefore the fee when Buy this accident insurance will be applied in each case, depending on the customer’s choice. For example, if you choose an insurance amount of 100 million VND/person/year for Bao Viet 24h accident insurance, the amount you need to pay is calculated as follows: 0.28% x 100 million = 280,000 VND/ people/year. In addition, this fee is also subject to a fee reduction program if the number of insured people reaches a certain number according to the company’s regulations.

To better understand accident insurance programs, or the specific fees of each insurance product, or if you want answers about benefits, learn about the lists of hospitals underwritten by brands. insurance brands, if you want a comprehensive comparison of insurance benefits between different businesses… then you can contact IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 02466 569 888 – one of the providers , reputable distributor of products designed by leading brands such as Bao Viet, MIC, PTI, PVI, Bao Minh, Liberty,… and with a team of professional consultants, transparent participation policy, Open, simple and quick procedures, diverse participation methods will commit to bringing you the best, fastest and safest insurance services when participating.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you solve your problems Buy accident insurance for workers.

Learn product details here: Accident insurance

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