Bao Viet Life Insurance

As a pioneering and leading insurance unit in the Vietnamese insurance market, Bao Viet Insurance Company has always designed many leading insurance products and won the hearts of customers. And the article below from IBAOHIEM will share with you some useful information about Bao Viet Life Insurance.

Bao Viet Insurance is the first enterprise to issue life insurance contracts in the Vietnamese market since 1996. This is also one of the few Vietnamese life insurance enterprises with a long history of operation and increasingly asserting its position in the insurance market. As a pioneer, Bao Viet Life is considered the only company that owns a nationwide network, with more than 76 member companies, built more than 400 regional offices, and increased the number of consultants. to hundreds of thousands of people and more than 2,000 active officials. At the same time, up to now, Bao Viet Life has won many prestigious awards as well as titles that have helped elevate the company’s reputation to a new level.

Bao Viet Life Insurance

Bao Viet Insurance is a unit that always cares about the interests of customers. Therefore, when issuing insurance products, Bao Viet always tries to design different insurance packages with different limits to meet customers’ tastes. When participating in insurance packages of Bao Viet Nhan Tho Company, customers will enjoy a number of benefits as follows:

  • Life insurance will become a backup solution, helping you reduce the burden of additional fees, as well as feel more secure when an accident occurs.
  • Not only providing economic support, Bao Viet Life also helps customers enjoy dedicated medical care benefits at leading medical facilities.
  • In addition to accumulating fixed assets, you can use life insurance as a savings channel to accumulate a significant amount of money for your loved ones.

Currently, Bao Viet Life Company has released many reputable safety insurance lines to the market, including two outstanding packages:

  • An Phat Cat Tuong: As a product that receives absolute trust from customers’ actual experiences, An Phat Cat Tuong insurance package is a perfect financial solution to help participants plan. Plan your future clearly and ensure a stable life against unforeseen risks. This insurance package is designed to target all customers from ages 0 to 65 years old with many comprehensive benefits. Specifically, when participating, you will enjoy 12 comprehensive protection benefits against risks such as death, serious injury due to accidents, critical illness, cancer, stroke, advanced medical care… .along with bonus benefits that increase cumulative investment and ensure a minimum interest rate commitment.
  • An Khang Hanh Phuc: A product that helps customers protect themselves against unexpected risks of life. When participating, you will receive financial support during treatment to overcome incurable diseases. In addition, the product also integrates an investment accumulation feature with a committed interest rate to provide customers with an effective savings solution. With 3 insurance packages from basic, advanced, and premium, customers will fully enjoy corresponding protection benefits such as Death insurance benefits, Serious injury benefits due to accidents, and Sickness benefits. terminal illness (up to 500 million VND), terminal illness benefits and medical care… and many other attractive benefits.

Above is the information that IBAOHIEM wants to share with you Bao Viet Life Insurance

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Life Insurance

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