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Accidents and mishaps are two things that no one wants to happen in life, especially in unpredictable situations. Besides causing financial damage, accidents also have a negative impact on human health, which everyone has to worry about. Understanding this, accident insurance packages have been created to support and protect users when encountering an accident. And in the article below, let’s learn about the package with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet accident insurance – one of the best accident insurance products today.

Accident insurance is a voluntary insurance product that helps protect you against risks during work, traffic and daily activities. In addition to today’s popular insurance products such as health insurance and travel insurance, this is an extremely important and necessary insurance product to limit risks and accidents, especially for For workers working in environments with a high risk of accidents such as mechanical factories, construction, jobs with a particularly dangerous nature, climbing high such as high-rise buildings, electric poles, etc. If an accident occurs, the insurance company will pay for medicine, examination and treatment costs.

As a company established in 1965, Bao Viet is constantly growing and launching many insurance products targeting all different customer segments, providing the best support and meeting all customer needs. row. As a leading unit in the insurance market, in the field of accident insurance, Bao Viet Accident Insurance or 24h Bao Viet accident insurance, 247 Bao Viet accident insurance is a product line that many customers are interested in. and trust. This is a product line that helps customers be more proactive in their finances, feel secure in treatment, and reduce anxiety about possible risks.

Bao Viet Accident Insurance is an insurance product that will cover expenses incurred during treatment and recovery from injuries caused by accidents, including death. The insurance package is designed to suit all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners studying and working in Vietnam from 15 days old to 70 years old. When you participate, the insurance company will compensate you with an insurance amount according to the contract in case of death or physical injury caused by an accident within the scope of the contract. Bao Viet accident insurance includes basic insurance from 1 – 30 million VND and special insurance over 30 million – 100 million VND. By participating in this insurance, you will have insurance cover a large portion of the insurance amount, providing maximum financial support for you and your family. Bao Viet provides customers with optimal care when reviewing, resolving and paying the insurance amount within 15 days of receiving the payment request and complete documents.

Hopefully IBAOHIEM’s above article can answer your questions Bao Viet accident insurance. In addition to Bao Viet, IBAOHIEM provides accident insurance products from other companies such as: PVI, Bao Minh, MIC,… along with different insurance lines, bringing peace of mind to customers in daily life as well as activities. other movement.

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