PTI auto body insurance

Insurance is designed and operates with the main function of helping customers minimize risks and damages, especially financial burdens in life, by paying a certain fee. determine and at the same time legally transfer the risk to the insurance company. In addition, the need for people to use insurance in our country is increasing day by day, and to meet that need and trend, insurance companies have constantly improved, designed, and developed innovation. create more different insurance products, notably the appearance of auto body insurance. And faced with so many choices of insurance providers, many customers are surely wondering where they should choose to buy body insurance. Therefore, in this sharing article IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you the product PTI auto body insurance – one of the insurance products and brands that attracts many customers today.

PTI is the abbreviation of Postal Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established in 1998 and considered one of the leading non-life insurance companies in the Vietnamese insurance market. After more than 20 years of operation and development to date, PTI has established a large service network with 55 member companies and a customer service network at 10,800 post offices nationwide, with more than 3,000 employees, while providing many meaningful community support activities. In particular, PTI has been truly successful in providing individual and corporate customers with more than 100 different insurance products, notably the PTI auto body insurance belongs to the group of motor vehicle insurance products that receive a lot of trust and participation from customers.

PTI auto body insurance

When you buy body insurance here, you will be supported by PTI to pay your car repair bill when you unfortunately encounter risks and accidents beyond your control such as: collision, collision, center of gravity deviation, sinking. /car crash, fire, explosion, natural disaster, or even total loss due to theft,…;

In particular, you can use repair services at any car repair garage without having to worry about costs, because PTI supports payment in two forms: directly – when you repair your car at the car repair shop. The garage has been linked to PTI and indirectly – within 15 working days from the time PTI receives the claim file from you when you use repair services at a garage that is not on the linked list;

Besides, when choosing to buy PTI auto body insurance You can also choose additional terms to help better protect your vehicle such as: water damage, damage occurring outside of Vietnam, replacement without depreciation or repair at a genuine garage,…;

At the same time as being paid and compensated by insurance as agreed in the contract, customers are also supported by PTI with additional costs to carry out the work according to PTI’s instructions when a loss occurs such as: Insurance costs protect the scene, prevent and limit additional losses that may arise (including the cost of protecting the scene, etc.); The cost of rescuing and transporting the damaged vehicle to the nearest repair place must not exceed 10% of the insurance amount.

Hopefully the above sharing of IBAOHIEM has helped you visualize more clearly PTI auto body insurance.

Learn product details here: PTI auto body insurance

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