Aviation car insurance

“Aviation auto insurance” is an issue that many people are interested in recently. However, when entering this phrase into the Google search bar, thousands of results will immediately return with diverse content, making many people confused because they have not found the answer. So in reality, what type of insurance is this? Follow the following article with IBAOHIEM to get the most accurate related information Aviation car insurance Please.

To meet the increasing need for protection, VNI Company (Aviation Insurance Joint Stock Company) was officially established in 2008. Up to now, the company has become a reputable business enterprise trusted by many customers. Using the service, the company has launched the Aviation car insurance package providing a variety of insurance types for cars depending on the owner’s needs.

To meet the diverse needs of customers and the need for comprehensive protection when participating in aviation insurance, VNI has developed insurance packages to suit their tastes.

VNI car civil liability insurance

This is a mandatory insurance that every car owner must participate in. Car civil liability insurance includes civil liability insurance for the car owner, third parties and passengers in the car. The level of insurance liability is the maximum amount the insurance company can pay for damage to the body, life and property of third parties and passengers caused by a motor vehicle in each accident. falls within the scope of insurance liability. The specific insurance liability level for personal damage is 150,000,000 VND/person/accident, for material damage is 100,000,000 VND/accident.

Aviation car insurance

This is a voluntary insurance package, also known as VNI vehicle body insurance. Insurance participants will be compensated by the company for damages in case of natural disasters, unexpected accidents: collision, fire, explosion, total vehicle theft, etc. Car physical insurance is a package Insurance is not required when you buy a car, but it is very necessary because it has the effect of sharing repair costs with the car owner when incidents of theft, sudden or unexpected collision occur. Depending on the needs and type of vehicle, VNI will design different insurance packages for customers’ cars. Aviation car insurance is responsible for compensating motor vehicle owners in the following cases:

+ Collision, collision (including collision with objects other than motor vehicles), overturning, falling, sinking, falling the entire vehicle, being hit by other objects;

+ Fire, conflagration, explosion;

+ Force majeure disasters caused by nature;

+ Loss of entire vehicle due to theft or robbery.

VNI also designed additional extension terms to help customers easily choose additional terms according to their desired needs such as: repair at genuine garage, water jacking, replacement without calculating depreciation or damage. outside the territory of Vietnam,…

Hopefully through this article, IBAOHIEM has helped you get more information related to Aviation auto insurance.

Learn product details here: Aviation car insurance

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