Compulsory fire and explosion insurance fees for apartment buildings

It can be said that buying apartment insurance is a necessary and correct decision to protect your property, because insurance will help you protect your property from unexpected risks such as fire, explosion, natural disasters, etc. Water overflow, theft, etc. Therefore, when an incident occurs, apartment insurance will be responsible for compensating you for certain costs to repair the damage, reduce stress, and quickly return home. the usual normal rhythm of life. Therefore, to ensure that individuals, organizations and businesses have the best level of protection against common risks in life, the state has issued regulations on the need to purchase compulsory insurance. And within the scope of this article, IBAOHIEM will share with you information about the benefits and values ​​of fire and explosion insurance, and especially Compulsory fire and explosion insurance fees for apartment buildings This is an issue that many customers are concerned about.

This is the term that appears when you choose to participate in fire insurance products at any business, accordingly Compulsory fire and explosion insurance fees for apartment buildings is the amount of money you need to pay to the insurance company to be protected when a fire or explosion occurs. Completing the fee payment within the specified time is a condition for the insurance to be effective, or in other words, after fulfilling the obligation to pay the fee, you will enjoy the insurance benefits.

According to Vietnamese law, participating in compulsory fire and explosion insurance for apartment buildings is an obligation for agencies, organizations, and individuals that own and use apartment buildings, group houses, and dormitories. The building is 7 stories or more high or has a total volume of 10,000 m3 or more; Mixed-use buildings of 5 floors or more or with a total volume of 5,000 m3 or more. Pursuant to the provisions in Appendix I of Decree 97/2021/ND-CP amending and supplementing Decree 23/2018/ND-CP;

Fire and explosion insurance is also a perfect financial reserve fund, because when an insured event occurs, the insurance company will pay you part or all of the insurance amount within 15-45 days. . With this money you can use it for many different purposes such as:

Used as costs to restore, repair, and replace damaged or lost assets, equipment, and furniture in the apartment;

Financial support for residents when unfortunately residents are affected by fire and explosion incidents such as health problems due to gas inhalation, burns, etc.;

In addition, fire insurance also has a program to support customers with temporary residence when the apartment is damaged to the point where it cannot be used for living,…

Normally the insurance premium will be applied according to the formula: premium rate x insurance amount. The insured amount is the entire value of the customer’s assets valued in cash according to the market price when purchasing insurance, while the fee rate will be applied flexibly in each case: 0.05% for apartments. have been installed with automatic fire extinguishing equipment, 0.1% of apartments have not been installed with this equipment. Therefore, Compulsory fire and explosion insurance fees for apartment buildings for each customer is different because: the value of the house, assets attached to the house, machinery, equipment, goods and supplies, scale, architectural design,… of each apartment is not completely different. alike.

Hopefully the article on IBAOHIEM has helped you understand better Compulsory fire and explosion insurance fees for apartment buildings.

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