Bao Viet 24h insurance

You will not have to worry about unexpected incidents or accidents or financial difficulties to pay for hospital fees, treatment, or hospitalization when participating in accident insurance. Bao Viet 24h insurance is a reliable solution with outstanding quality and attractive service incentives. Through the article below, let’s learn about this type of accident insurance product with IBAOHIEM.

It can be said that Bao Viet is no longer a strange name in our country’s insurance market. After many years of operation with high quality insurance products, trusted by many people. Bao Viet is always highly appreciated for its diverse, flexible service packages, reasonable costs and many attractive benefits. Product Bao Viet 24h insurance is also an accident insurance package with low fees but many advanced and comprehensive protection benefits.

Bao Viet 24h Insurance helps customers receive support for medical expenses such as treatment, examination, hospitalization and treatment at hospitals and clinics when unexpected accidents occur leading to injuries. temporary, permanent or possibly fatal.

Bao Viet 24h insurance

Insured subjects include ages from 15 days old – 70 years old with health conditions such as no disability of 50% or more, no diseases such as leprosy, mental illness, or cancer. Bao Viet 24h Insurance accepts insurance in case of death or physical injury due to an accident or because the insured person takes action to save people, save property of the state and people, and participate in combating illegal actions. France.

When participating in 24-hour insurance, you will be comprehensively protected at any location in Vietnam, and can receive the most convenient and high-quality medical services with 5 service packages from Package 1-5. The level of responsibility and payment fees customers can choose according to their financial conditions and needs with a fee rate of 0.28%. For example, with only a fee of 56,000 VND/person/year, customers can receive benefits under Package 1 with a maximum liability of up to 20,000,000 VND.

Bao Viet commits to compensate quickly and transparently with simple and convenient procedures within 15 days of receiving the compensation claim documents. This ensures customers receive timely treatment and compensate for financial losses.

In case the insured person participates in professional competitions such as car racing, horse racing, football, boxing, mountain climbing, windsurfing, boat racing, etc., exploration, surveying, when an accident occurs. Accidents are only covered under the condition of paying an additional fee and being accepted by Bao Viet.

The insurance amount that customers receive will be paid by Bao Viet company at different levels, based on the issued injury rate table.

Bao Viet 24h insurance will not accept insurance in cases such as intentional actions of the insured without legitimate self-defense, the insured’s use of alcohol or stimulants, food poisoning, insured without treatment as prescribed by a doctor.

Accident insurance is a perfect solution to ensure future safety and financial protection for your family. If you are looking for a reputable address with many incentive programs and reasonable costs to buy Bao Viet 24h insurance IBAOHIEM can support consulting and buying and selling insurance with a commitment to transparency and reputation, ensuring all benefits for participants.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet 24h insurance

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