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If you are planning to travel throughout the beautiful lands in the country, don’t ignore protecting yourself and your journey safely. Specifically designed to minimize potential risks when traveling in Vietnam, Domestic travel insurance brings the most optimal benefits, being a reliable companion of people on every trip. With the assurance of travel insurance, you will explore your homeland comfortably, confidently and with complete peace of mind. Let’s learn more about this type of insurance with IBAOHIEM through the article below.

Unforeseen risks can come at any time in life, even on travel and business trips that seem like journeys of discovery and enjoyment of life. But there are also many cases where unfortunate events happen, leading to regrets and losses. Domestic travel insurance is insurance for customers on travel and business trips within the territory of Vietnam. When participating in this insurance product, customers will receive compensation if the insured person dies or is physically injured due to an accident, illness or unexpected illness.

Travel insurance Receive insurance in the following cases: death due to illness or unexpected illness during the insurance period; death or injury due to accident; The insured person dies or suffers physical injury due to actions to save lives, save property of the people, the state and participate in fighting against illegal acts.

Insured subjects include: people traveling, vacationing, climbing mountains, swimming… within the territory of Vietnam. Or even the participants Stunts, expeditions, horse racing, motor racing or competitions of a professional nature are also insured, subject to payment of the prescribed insurance premiums.

Customers who participate in domestic travel insurance always enjoy reasonable rights and benefits. Bao Viet commits to compensate the maximum amount equal to the insurance amount or limit of liability clearly stated in the insurance certificate, which can be up to 100 million VND/person. In case the insured person dies due to illness or permanent illness, the customer will receive 50% of the insurance amount stated in the insurance contract. Or within 1 year from the date of the accident, the insured dies or is seriously injured as a result of the accident within the scope of insurance, Bao Viet will pay the difference between the insurance amount payable and amount previously paid. The insured customer receives reasonable treatment for an injury similar to that of a normal person.

Cases in which compensation is not eligible: while participating in domestic travel insurance, the customer violates laws and regulations at the tourist destination; Using alcohol and stimulants leads to uncontrolled behaviors; when there is war; Treatment or use of drugs not prescribed by a doctor or intentional actions of the insured person or legal heirs to profit from the insurance contract will not receive compensation.

Participation fee this insurance Quite modest, fee payment procedures are simple and convenient for customers. Accordingly, the insurance premium is calculated at 0.025% of the insurance amount you have chosen. For example, if you want to travel for 5 days with an insurance package of 100 million, the amount you need to pay to Bao Viet is 0.025% x 5 days = 125,000 VND/person.

Participation procedures are simple and convenient; Quick compensation time to promptly handle financial issues, attentive care service along with many other accompanying benefits.

Hopefully the above article will help customers understand clearly Domestic travel insurance and its necessity for humans. To get the best care from staff and product services, customers can look to IBAOHIEM – a reputable insurance provider with top quality in Vietnam that will ensure their trips. Your trip will be safest and most complete.

Learn product details here: Travel insurance

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