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One of the main functions of insurance is to ensure social security, contributing to establishing a safe life and providing timely financial protection for customers when participating. Prominent among them is life insurance, which is not only an effective investment channel and financial accumulation for the future, but also a financial and health protection plan for your entire family. Therefore, as the socio-economy develops, people’s desire to participate in insurance is increasing, thus the need to recruit consultants and customer care specialists in the profession of providing insurance. Life insurance is also increasing day by day. And one of the leading brands specializing in providing life insurance in our country’s insurance market today is Bao Viet. So Bao Viet Life recruitment For which subjects, positions, monthly income/benefits are supported, what incentives are there when becoming a part of Bao Viet Life’s staff, please join IBAOHIEM to this article. Share below!

Consultants and managers in the insurance sector play an extremely important role and are indispensable members of the human resources team of every insurance enterprise. This is a team of employees with many functions and significant responsibilities in supporting and taking care of customers, while helping to create closeness between businesses and customers. This is especially important for insurance companies, because one of the main reasons customers choose to buy insurance from a certain brand, business, or agency depends a lot on customer care. , professional advice brings the best and safest solutions to participating customers.

For Bao Viet Life consultants, there will be consulting tasks on life insurance products designed by the Bao Viet brand, such as:

Consulting on insurance products: Analyze and explain in detail the types of insurance products available, helping customers better understand the scope of protection, conditions and benefits of insurance packages (the products such as An Phat Cat Tuong, An Khang Hanh Phuc,…)

Meet individual needs: Consultants need to listen and understand the needs, financial situation and unique requirements of each customer. Based on this information, they recommend the most suitable and optimal insurance solutions for each individual.

Bao Viet Life recruitment

Sales promotion: After consulting, they need to convince customers about the benefits and value of insurance products, helping them make smart purchasing decisions.

Customer care: Insurance consultants regularly contact existing customers to ensure that insurance policies remain suitable for their situation and provide assistance in filing claims and resolving disputes. policy-related issues.

Management at Bao Viet Life will naturally have higher requirements in terms of experience and capacity than consultants. In addition, individuals applying for this position also need to meet different job requirements to be able to effectively manage a team of consultants and ensure that situations that arise during operations Dynamics are handled in a timely, comprehensive and professional manner such as: managing a group of consultants, training or supporting employees, monitoring performance and evaluating, better orienting each member,…

It is a potential and dynamic environment where candidates can show their passion and outstanding ability in thinking, managing, building good relationships, etc. Therefore, new graduates who specialize in In the financial insurance industry, for those who love a dynamic communication environment and are not over 30 years old, this can be an attractive career opportunity to pursue and develop their passion.

Besides, this is also a promising learning, working, and personal development environment for those who have interests and abilities such as:

Passion for insurance: It is important that candidates demonstrate interest and passion for the insurance field, and have faith in its role in protecting customers’ assets and futures.

Ability to observe and grasp quickly: This is very important to be able to clearly understand customer needs and requirements, thereby providing the most suitable solutions.

Logical, analytical and creative thinking: Candidates should be able to analyze insurance-related information and data, thereby making smart and creative decisions in advising customers. .

Confidence and decisiveness: Candidates need to dare to think, dare to do and be confident in solving problems and difficult situations.

Organizational and management thinking: Being able to organize work, manage time and work is a strong point that helps increase work efficiency.

Communication and collaboration skills: Being able to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues is important for building trusting relationships and creating support at work.

Experience in related fields: If you have experience working in telesales or majoring in insurance or banking, candidates will have an advantage in better understanding the work and working process in this field.

And no matter what position, job or industry, candidates and employees working officially at Bao Viet Life also need to build and train. Qualities such as: hardworking, eager to learn, persistent, persistent, disciplined, serious work, desire to develop oneself in a dynamic environment,…

Currently, there are many different businesses and insurance agents providing life insurance services designed by Bao Viet, among them is IBAOHIEM – one of the leading addresses specializing in providing and distributing insurance products. Distributing insurance products from famous and reputable insurance brands in the Vietnamese insurance market. And below are some reasons why you should apply at IBAOHIEM:

Is a dynamic, creative environment that helps guide and develop skills: You will work in a friendly, open environment and have a good consulting and professional management team. This helps you learn and develop skills through every step of your career.

There are more opportunities to develop yourself through each specific job: You will receive specific tasks, from easy to difficult, helping you find ways to solve challenging problems at work. From there, you will develop your thinking and professional expertise, as well as how to manage and organize work effectively.

Empowered and responsible: At IBAOHIEM, you will learn from the most basic things to in-depth knowledge and skills of the insurance field. Especially for young people, if they have the ability, and do not hesitate to share, always seize new opportunities for themselves, they will quickly have opportunities to develop and be assigned many important tasks. This is a rare opportunity for young candidates who dare to think and dare to do.

The best income and remuneration with many incentives: Besides development opportunities, you will always receive attention and sharing from colleagues and managers. The income level and remuneration at IBAOHIEM are always guaranteed to be the best, meeting your needs and being worthwhile for your contributions.

This job opportunity not only brings personal development and improvement in personality and thinking but also promises unlimited income. IBAOHIEM will evaluate and select candidates based on development potential. Immediately after being recruited, you will be supported to participate in specialized training courses to master the skills and ability to work in this position.

During the work process, the business will support and provide probationary and official employees with data sources for potential customers and customers who want to participate in regular insurance. frequently with a large number of renewals or participants, etc. This contributes to helping employees have a clearer and more detailed view of each customer’s needs and priority insurance choices, as well as weather conditions. Save time and effort in finding and selecting potential customers,…

Employee income will be calculated based on commission from 5 million to 30 million VND, depending on working capacity, along with monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses. Not only that, you also receive attractive benefits such as annual domestic and international travel, teambuilding trips during regular vacations, scheduled vacations for employees, etc. Social insurance is paid. union, unemployment insurance, health insurance,…

In addition, for candidates who pass the interview round and enter the probationary period, the salary will be calculated according to the provisions of the current Labor Code, other bonus levels will be discussed more carefully in the contract. process of exchange, contact, and direct interview.

This is also an ideal opportunity for those looking for a full-time job to develop a long-term career in Bao Viet Life. At the same time, this job is also an opportunity to increase income and create a stable life for yourself for those who want to find a side job with financial stability.

To become an employee of Bao Viet Life, please send your personal CV with the following email subject: Consultant application_Full name or Manager application_Full name; and send to email

And if you have any other problems you can contact Ms. Hau is in charge of human resources via phone number: 02466.569.888/ 0966.490.888

Learn more about Bao Viet Life here: Bao Viet Life

After you have learned about the product and you need advice or contact to buy insurance, please do the following:

1/ Method 1: Send support or information via forms on articles or websites.

2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so that consultants can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

4/ Method 4: Send Viber or Zalo message via phone number: 0966 490 888 with the content of needing support or advice.



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