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Today, the insurance market is very diverse and rich, especially dental insurance packages are also receiving increasing attention from people. Let’s find out information related to the package with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet insurance dental clinic to have a more general overview and make purchasing decisions that suit the needs and actual financial situation of yourself and your family!

There is an ancient saying: Teeth and hair are human corners. Therefore, dental care is very necessary. The consequences of not regularly protecting your teeth will lead to dental problems such as: tooth decay, gingivitis, gingivitis, periodontitis… Teeth ache, eating and living also become difficult. more than ever. This will have a significant impact on each person’s health.

Furthermore, the cost of dental treatment is currently very expensive, partly because the need for dental care is increasingly emphasized, partly because dental treatment equipment is very modern. The cost of one-time tooth extraction has reached millions of dong. Without package Bao Viet insurance dental clinic This is indeed a worrying cost.

Bao Viet dental insurance

To join the pack Bao Viet insurance dental clinic Customers will choose to participate in one of the following three health insurance packages as the main benefit, then choose to participate in additional dental insurance benefits:

Bao Viet An Gia: Bao Viet An Gia health insurance is a superior financial solution that helps you and all family members no longer worry about medical costs so you can live happily and fulfill your future plans. When choosing to participate in Bao Viet An Gia’s dental insurance benefits, you will be covered for all dental examination and treatment costs (excluding costs due to cosmetic factors), applicable at Hospitals, state medical centers, hospitals, dental clinics under the guarantee system of Bao Viet Insurance. Bao Viet An Gia’s dental insurance benefits are relatively high, with a limit of up to 15,000,000 VND for the Diamond package.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet An Gia Insurance

Bao Viet Tam Binh: Bao Viet Tam Binh is an insurance product chosen by many customers to protect the health of themselves and their families. With the leading reputable insurance brand in the market, customers will always feel secure about compensation services and after-sales care services as well as product sustainability. Customers joining Bao Viet Tam Binh not only appreciate inpatient insurance benefits, but dental insurance benefits integrated into outpatient benefits also satisfy customers. Specifically, the insurance amount for outpatient treatment due to illness, accidents, maternity and dental complications is up to 10,000,000 VND/person/year; Of which, dental insurance benefits are up to 1,500,000 VND/person/year.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Tam Binh Insurance

Bao Viet Intercare: Bao Viet Intercare is a high-end health insurance package, not only with extremely high payment limits for inpatient treatment benefits due to illness and disease (up to 10.5 billion VND), but also dental insurance benefits. Faculty is also very high, up to 31,500,000 VND/person/year. In particular, the cost for common dental care such as examination and diagnosis, dental scaling is up to 2,000,000 VND/person/year; Pay up to the entire insurance amount for dental treatment costs such as: tooth filling, tooth decay, tooth root extraction, tartar removal, tooth tip surgery, root canal treatment, gingivitis and inflammation treatment. periodontal,…

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Intercare Insurance

If you still don’t know where to buy reputable Bao Viet insurance packages to ensure your benefits, you can contact IBAOHIEM directly – an official partner and distribution channel of Bao Viet Insurance. . IBAOHIEM is pleased to become your companion in the process of researching, purchasing and using insurance.

Above is information about the package Bao Viet Insurance dental clinic that IBAOHIEM wants to share with customers. Hope we can help customers choose the most suitable insurance package.

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2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so the consultant can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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