Bao Viet Gia An

Bao Viet is currently one of the companies providing the most diverse health insurance products on the market with extremely superior insurance benefits. Among them, the most prominent is the package Bao Viet Gia An – Insurance package helps comprehensive health care for all customers from the elderly to children. Join IBAOHIEM to learn detailed information about this insurance package in the article below.

Bao Viet Gia An or Bao Viet An Gia is a health insurance package that when participating, customers will be covered by Bao Viet Insurance for medical expenses incurred during inpatient treatment due to illness, accidents, and outpatient treatment. , dentistry, maternity.

In the face of risks always lurking around life, Bao Viet An Gia can be considered a solid financial support, as well as an investment in health to help customers feel more secure. Future.

Bao Viet Gia An

Subjects covered: Insured subjects are all Vietnamese citizens or foreigners legally residing in Vietnam from 15 days old to 65 years old at the effective date of the Insurance Rules. The insured person can only participate until age 65 with the condition of having previously participated continuously since age 60.

Insurance participation fee: Bao Viet An Gia sets insurance fees depending on the age and insurance program that customers choose to participate in.

In general, the difference in fees between packages and between ages is not much. For example, at the age of 19-30, the fee for the Bronze program is only 1,196,000 VND/person/year. Moving to the Diamond program – a more advanced program, the fee increases to 4,290,000 VND/person/year.

Insurance benefits: Diverse insurance benefits, suitable for many budgets and needs: Inpatient and outpatient treatment insurance due to illness/accident, personal accident insurance benefits, life insurance, benefits Dental insurance, maternity insurance.

In particular, inpatient treatment insurance benefits are a mandatory provision; Other insurance benefits may or may not be included depending on the customer’s needs.

Waiting time:

  • Common diseases: 30-day waiting period;
  • Respiratory diseases including: bronchitis, bronchiolitis, asthma, pneumonia of all types: waiting period of 6 months for children from 15 days old to 6 years old;
  • Maternity: waiting period of 635 days and 90 days for maternity complications;
  • Special diseases, pre-existing diseases: waiting period of 365 days;

Exclusions of Bao Viet An Gia: Bao Viet An Gia has the right to refuse compensation for 39 pre-specified cases:

  • The risk occurs due to the intention of the insured person.
  • The insured person seriously violated the law and must serve a criminal sentence.
  • Acts of fighting unless in self-defense.
  • Consequences of accidents occurring outside the insurance period.
  • Medical treatment without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Participate in aviation activities unless as a passenger.
  • Serious losses such as earthquakes, volcanoes, terrorism, war, etc.
  • Participate in training or competing in professional sports.
  • Cancer
  • Tuberculosis of all kinds, malaria, occupational diseases, leprosy.
  • Myelosuppressive diseases, leukemia, dialysis treatment, hemodialysis and consequences or complications of these diseases.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • ……………

Choosing IBAOHIEM, all customer concerns about reputation as well as quality and possible affected insurance benefits will completely disappear. IBAOHIEM is a long-time unit specializing in providing all types of Bao Viet insurance throughout the market. That’s why IBAOHIEM guarantees 100% reputation that customers can trust.

Above is information about the package Bao Viet Gia An that IBAOHIEM wants to share with customers, hoping to help customers better understand the product.

After you have learned about the product and you need advice or contact to buy insurance, please do the following:

1/ Method 1: Send support or information via forms on articles or websites.

2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so the consultant can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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