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While using a car, we may encounter unfortunate situations that are difficult to control. These problems can be minor and easily fixed, in which case the repair or replacement cost is not too large. However, if serious accidents occur, repairing or replacing the vehicle can take more time and effort, especially causing significant financial difficulties. And to help car owners feel more secure when using their cars and reduce worries about additional costs, car insurance was designed. Besides, in terms of providing car insurance, PVI is one of the most mentioned insurance brands today, so please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to better understand about PVI car insurance benefitsas well as find out what factors help PVI receive so much attention and trust from customers?

Rights are benefits and values ​​that each individual or organization can enjoy in a certain relationship when minimum conditions are met. The benefits here can be converted into material terms or can also be converted into spiritual values, which can be understood. PVI car insurance benefits are the values ​​and benefits that customers naturally enjoy when participating in car insurance designed by PVI.

Currently, PVI has been providing customers with many different car insurance programs and packages, so the benefits and values ​​that customers enjoy when participating in each product program are: are not the same, for example:

Most PVI car insurance products take effect immediately after the customer completes payment, unless the parties have otherwise agreed on insurance validity. In other words, PVI will not apply a waiting period for this product, but when customers choose to buy auto insurance at PVI, they will be protected promptly and quickly;

Benefits of attractive and quick insurance compensation, such as the PVI automobile civil liability insurance product – providing quick compensation and financial support to customers when unfortunately causing damage. physical and property damage of a third person during the process of using a car with a maximum limit of: 150 million VND/person/case for human damage and 100 million VND/case for property damage. asset;

Besides, the time of enjoyment PVI car insurance benefits Very quickly, PVI has two ways to compensate customers during the participation process: direct or indirect compensation within 15 working days. For example, for voluntary car insurance products, if unfortunately the insured car encounters risks such as collision, center of gravity deviation, sinking/falling, fire, or fire. explosion,… in this case, if the customer uses the vehicle repair or replacement service at one of the garages that PVI has linked, PVI will directly guarantee the vehicle repair bill;

In addition, when participating in insurance programs, customers can also choose additional insurance packages and insurance terms; Easily choose different insurance programs that suit your financial ability; Deductible rates applied to insurance are extremely preferential; or the very attractive participation fee along with superior benefits, etc. Therefore, to get more information about benefits and insurance participation fees at PVI, you can contact IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490 .888 / 0966.795.333 to receive the fastest and most accurate support.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information related to PVI car insurance benefits

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