List of PVI care

One of the main functions of insurance is to ensure financial security for individuals and businesses, playing an important role in risk management, contributing to the stable development of society, through transforming The financial burden is legally transferred to the insurance company. In addition, an insurance program that receives a lot of attention and trust from customers today is health insurance – because this product brings attractive benefits, helping customers Easy access to the best quality medical services through the hospital fee guarantee program at affiliated hospitals. Therefore, the article is shared PVI care list IBAOHIEM’s below will help you better visualize the role of health insurance, as well as provide more information about PVI’s insurance payment policy for customers at the list of contacted hospitals. conclude.

List of PVI care is a phrase used to refer to medical facilities on the list that PVI has linked to, in order to carry out the process of directly guaranteeing hospital fees for any customer who has participated in PVI care insurance when examining and treating. health treatment at one of the medical facilities on this list.

List of PVI care

PVI is one of the largest and most prestigious insurance brands in the Vietnamese insurance market today. After more than 20 years of establishment and development, PVI has continuously built a solid reputation and prestige in the Vietnamese insurance market by providing flexible insurance packages, suitable to the unique needs of each customer. row. From comprehensive health care insurance products, life insurance, auto insurance, to property insurance and corporate risks, PVI is committed to accompanying customers, helping them feel secure and confident. in life. Therefore, when buying insurance at PVI, you can be completely assured of the product’s reputation, as well as the ability to pay quickly from PVI;

PVI care insurance offers attractive health insurance benefits to customers during treatment and examination of health problems including illness, accidents, diseases, maternity, dentistry, and even even death. With main insurance benefits up to 580 million VND/year;

In particular, PVI not only supports paying hospital fees for customers in case of using medical services at hospitals and clinics located in PVI care list in the form of direct guarantee; but also commits to paying within 15 days of receiving a valid claim if the customer uses medical services at any legal facility outside the linked list.

The system of hospitals affiliated with PVI is currently extremely diverse and includes many leading, high-quality medical facilities spread across provinces and cities nationwide to help customers access them. with the best health care services such as: Central Military Hospital 108 – Periodic Health Examination Center; Endocrine central hospital; Central Tropical Diseases Hospital – Medical examination department on request; Tu Du Hospital; Hung Vuong Hospital; Ho Chi Minh City Dental Hospital; Saigon Binh Duong Hospital; Ba Ria Hospital; Phuong Chau International Hospital; ….

Hopefully the above sharing of IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information PVI care list.

Learn product details here: PVI Care Insurance

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