Which hospital is PVI insurance affiliated with?

Participating in health insurance helps us feel more secure when facing unwanted health problems. If any accident or illness occurs, we do not need to worry about the medical costs incurred because we have insurance to support us. Therefore, health insurance has quickly affirmed its importance, and become an indispensable companion and effective financial management solution in people’s lives today. Besides, one of the leading and most reputable insurance companies specializing in providing health care insurance today is the PVI brand. So what benefits does PVI health care insurance provide? Which hospital is PVI insurance affiliated with? Currently? What is the role of the association with these hospitals? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find answers to those problems!

PVI Insurance’s full name is Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, established in 1996, so this is one of the non-life insurance enterprises with a significant number of years of operation in the world. our country’s insurance market. During its operation, PVI has made many important contributions to the research and development of the insurance market, not simply as a business but also constructive and promoting the development of the insurance market. insurance sector in Vietnam. A clear manifestation of that is that PVI has expanded its product and service supply network closer to customers by constantly developing its business network; Improve insurance products. Especially with the health care program, PVI has been truly successful in providing and supporting solutions to help people easily access medical services conveniently and quickly through hospitals. link.

Which hospital is PVI insurance affiliated with?

Wonder about Which hospital is PVI insurance affiliated with? This is a common concern for customers when choosing to buy health insurance here, because if they choose and use medical services at one of the medical facilities on this list, they will receive support. , compensation by hospital fee guarantee mechanism directly from PVI. This will help customers feel more secure during the treatment process, reducing the financial burden they face when examining, treating, and recovering from health problems while participating in insurance.

And currently, PVI has established cooperative relationships with more than 130 leading hospitals in the country, recognized and highly appreciated for their quality of service and medical services, including public and private hospital systems. private clinics, voluntary medical examination departments, international hospitals such as: Huu Nghi, 108, Viet Duc, Viet Phap, Saint-Poon, Central Tropical, Vinmec, Tu Du, Hong Ngoc, Thu Cuc, FV ,…

Especially when participating in health insurance at PVI, you will also receive quick and timely compensation from PVI regardless of whether your health examination and treatment is conducted at the listed hospitals. linked or not. Accordingly, within 15 working days, PVI will review and assess the customer’s valid claim documents to pay insurance benefits; This indirect payment case will apply when you have health examination and treatment at any legal medical facility.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you answer your questions Which hospital is PVI insurance affiliated with?. And for more detailed information, specific addresses of hospitals, and benefits when participating in health insurance, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 0966.795.333 to receive the fastest and most accurate support.

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