PVI travel insurance

The need for customers to use insurance is increasing day by day, not only limited to health protection products and personal accident insurance, but now customers are also especially interested in insurance programs. Travel insurance for each of your trips and discoveries. In addition, travel insurance programs are increasingly popular and are designed flexibly to meet the diverse needs of customers in the insurance market. These plans provide superior protection for all customer segments, from short-term travel to longer and more complex journeys. With such diverse choices, you will certainly have questions about where to choose travel insurance, which insurance brand is reputable, and which insurance program is suitable. Article shared about PVI travel insurance of IBAOHIEM below will help you answer those problems.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance policy that you can purchase before traveling to protect you or your loved ones from risks and incidents that may occur during your trip. Accordingly, PVI travel insurance is an insurance product designed by PVI (full name is Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation), this product helps customers have more peace of mind, and easily resolve risks. , damage arising during travel quickly and most effectively.

PVI travel insurance

PVI travel insurance plays an important role in meeting people’s increasing demand for tourism and mobility. Thanks to flexible and superior insurance programs, customers can participate in travel activities with more peace of mind. Accordingly, PVI will provide customers with attractive insurance benefits through two main insurance programs:

Domestic travel insurance – is an insurance product specifically for domestic travel, providing protection for customers against many risks that may occur during travel such as: death, bodily injury. can be caused by accident, death due to sudden illness or disease, as well as death or bodily injury due to the insured’s participation in saving lives, etc.

International travel insurance – provides comprehensive protection for customers’ trips with a large scope worldwide, and at the same time PVI travel insurance In this case, it also helps you easily handle risks such as death, physical injury due to accidents, sudden illness during the insurance period, lost documents, incidents during the flight, etc.

In particular, the fee to join this product is applied according to an extremely flexible calculation formula, helping all customers choose the insurance program that best suits their needs and financial ability to pay. For example, if you choose international travel insurance in insurance program 3, with a fee of 160,000 VND for a trip of 4-6 days, or 380,000 VND for a trip of 11-14 days,… you will be supported by PVI. Medical expense subsidy is 30,000 million/person, payment of 3,500,000 million for flights that are cut or canceled, etc.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you visualize the product more clearly PVI travel insurance.

Learn product details here: PVI travel insurance

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