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Insurance was born as a need of today’s socio-economy, because life always has potential risks and accidents that we cannot predict and with an insurance card we will quickly Set up protection for yourself, especially financially from insurance compensation payments from the insurance company. This helps us feel more secure because the losses have been converted into the insurance company’s responsibility. In other words, when participating in insurance, customers do not need to worry about their financial capacity in case of an incident, because the insurance company will ensure compensation based on the terms and conditions. agreed upon in the insurance contract. Thereby, insurance participants can focus on daily life and work without having to struggle with unwanted situations. That’s why in the shared article PVI Sun life insurance Right below IBAOHIEM will help you better visualize the role of insurance, as well as learn more about the PVI Sun life insurance product.

PVI Sun life insurance is one of the insurance enterprises operating in the Vietnamese insurance market, contributing to the growth and diversity of the insurance market. Sun Life Vietnam Insurance Company officially launched in our country’s life insurance market in 2013 through a joint venture with PVI Group, creating PVI Sun Life Vietnam Insurance Company. After two years of operation, Sun Life separated from the joint venture to become a completely foreign-owned insurance company, in the context of PVI’s divestment.

And with many years of experience operating in Vietnam, PVI Sun Life Insurance Company always adheres to a clear motto that is committed to providing customers with safe and comprehensive financial solutions, to help them enjoy life every day happily and happily, while improving the quality of life better and better day by day.

Currently PVI Sun life insurance is providing insurance products in the life insurance line and divided into two main types for individuals and for businesses. Specifically:

Products for individuals include: Sun – proactive living, Sun – fulfilling dreams, Bao Thinh Vuong life insurance, Bao An Tam life insurance, Education insurance, Health insurance, Life insurance Bao An Khang insurance,…For example, when participating in Bao Thinh Vuong life insurance, you will be fully insured against the risk of total permanent disability or even death, Sun Life will pay 100% Insurance amount to help relatives and family overcome difficulties,…

Products for businesses such as: Retirement solutions and employee benefits, this helps businesses have more options for the best welfare regime for their employees, as well as additional solutions. Tax advantages for each insurance business during the tax period.

By participating in life insurance at PVI Sun Life, you can ensure that your family and assets will be protected and safe in case of unexpected incidents. At the same time, it can also contribute to building long-term assets and creating a source of passive income in the future. Therefore, please consider carefully and meticulously to make the right decisions about your personal finances using the current insurance method.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information related to PVI Sun life insurance.

Learn product details here: PVI Insurance

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