PVI reinsurance company

Another important part in determining the strength of an insurance business is the ability to establish and manage a large network of operations in a territory; Along with that is diversity and professionalism in providing different flexible programs, products and services. And one of the insurance businesses that receives a lot of appreciation from customers and partners as well as being ranked as the insurance business with the largest operating network today is PVI. PVI is the abbreviation of Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Group, and over 25 years of establishment and development until now, PVI is not only a large enterprise specializing in providing products in the non-life insurance industry, but also the reinsurance sector. That’s why, in the shared article PVI reinsurance company IBAOHIEM’s below will help you better understand the field as well as the role of this type of insurance in today’s life!

PVI reinsurance company Full name is PVI Reinsurance Joint Stock Corporation (abbreviated as PVI Re) is a member of PVI Holdings group and affiliated with Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. After PVI’s business restructuring process, PVI Re was born as an independent reinsurance company. This is shown through the Establishment and Operation License No. 86GP/KDBH dated October 1, 2013 issued by the Ministry of Finance. And this is also one of two reinsurance companies established and operating in Vietnam today.

PVI reinsurance company

Reinsurance is a process by which insurance companies share customer risks with other reinsurers. This is especially important in any country, because life and business always face unpredictable situations and the risk of major losses.

Besides, reinsurance insurance companies play an important role in minimizing the negative impact of risks on customers. By assuming part of the indemnity liability, the reinsurer assists the original insurer in managing the risk situation and helps limit the total loss caused by these risks to the customer. row.

In other words, the goal of both the insurance company providing products to customers and PVI reinsurance company is to ensure financial security and maintain stability for customers in unfortunate situations that may occur during the insurance process.

Currently, this enterprise provides diverse reinsurance operations for insurance products such as: property insurance; technical insurance; marine insurance; mixed risks such as business interruption, liability, financial risks; Oil and gas insurance includes products related to exploration, exploitation, operation, etc. or aviation insurance; personal insurance; agricultural insurance, etc. This not only demonstrates the growth and solidity of a reinsurance enterprise but also contributes to ensuring the safety and timely payment of insurance funds of enterprises. Insurance signed with PVI; contributing to ensuring the safety of each customer’s rights when participating in insurance today.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you understand a little better PVI reinsurance company.

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