PVI Insurance Corporation

Insurance operates on the principle of risk sharing, focusing on a large number of contributors to compensate the few at risk. When customers participate in insurance, they will pay a certain premium for a specific period of time that has been agreed upon during the process of entering into an insurance contract. These fees, although they may be small compared to the total value of the property insured, together from many contributors form the insurance company’s general fund. Therefore, when unfortunately insured customers encounter risks or losses within the scope and duration of insurance participation, they will be financially protected in the fastest and most timely manner from financial funds. strength of the insurance business. And currently there are many different insurance businesses that receive a lot of trust and appreciation from customers and partners such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, VNI, Liberty, MIC, PTI,… especially, it is impossible not to mention PVI Insurance Corporation. To get more information about this insurance business, please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below!

PVI Insurance is a familiar abbreviation for PVI Insurance Corporation, or Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, is one of the insurance businesses established very early in our country’s insurance market. Officially operating in 1996, up to now, PVI has built a strong position and solid reputation in the insurance field, and achieved many different prestigious awards. These awards are not only a testament to the quality and efficiency of business operations, but also demonstrate trust and positive appreciation from customers and the community for this insurance brand.

PVI Insurance Corporation

Realizing the importance of constantly improving service quality and further diversifying insurance products for customers, PVI has continuously improved and diversified products over the past time. This not only helps create a rich range of options for customers, but also demonstrates PVI’s continued commitment to providing the best insurance solutions, timely comprehensive protection, and contributing to improving customer satisfaction. The quality of life for people is getting better day by day.

And now PVI Insurance Corporation is providing customers with more than 100 different insurance product packages, but in general these product packages are classified into two main product groups: insurance groups for businesses such as technical insurance , cargo insurance, aviation insurance, energy insurance,…; Insurance groups for individual customers such as health insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, motor vehicle insurance…

If you are still wondering about the insurance programs that PVI is providing, or need more detailed support and advice on insurance packages for individuals or businesses, you are still confused about the corresponding costs. For insurance products, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of the leading reputable addresses specializing in providing and distributing insurance products issued by PVI, Bao Viet, Liberty, Bao Minh, VBI , MIC, VNI,… with transparent policies, quick procedures, diverse participation methods, high security system, a team of experienced consultants, and excellent after-sale customer care services. We focus and commit to bringing you the best and safest insurance services when participating in insurance.

Hopefully the above sharing of IBAOHIEM has helped you have a more comprehensive view PVI Insurance Corporation.

Learn product details here: PVI Insurance

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