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Health insurance is a companion that helps us protect against risky situations and accidents. Not only is it an effective health protection measure, PVI Care insurance is also considered a safe tool for family finances. So product PVI Care insurance is it good or not? Let’s learn about this type of insurance with IBAOHIEM through the article below.

Life is modern, but at the same time people have to face more risks because of environmental pollution, dirty food, diseases, etc. The health care process also costs quite a lot of money, with many cases of poor health. If your health is seriously damaged, treatment costs can be many times higher. So is every family eligible to pay all those costs? Health insurance can help you and your family be protected with high quality services, while ensuring stable financial resources, so patients can feel secure in their treatment without worry.

PVI Care Insurance Fulfilling its mission well by giving customers absolute peace of mind, this is PVI Insurance’s health insurance product, suitable for all individuals and families. In case of unwanted risks, PVI Care insurance helps you pay for treatment, medical examination, treatment, and surgery within the scope of insurance.

PVI Care’s insurance coverage is extended to customers from 15 days old to 60 years old and renewed until 65 years old. Cases not covered by PVI Care insurance include: people suffering from mental illness, leprosy, cancer; People with disabilities or permanent disabilities of 50% or more; people who are being treated for illness or injury.

To meet the insurance needs of each insured person, PVI Care is divided into two product lines: health insurance for company employees and health insurance for individuals and households. Depending on each product package and price level, the benefits received are diverse and flexible, customers can find the most suitable program.

Own the card PVI Care insurance, You will receive comprehensive insurance from inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, maternity, dental, accident and death, total permanent disability due to accident. Includes 5 insurance programs that create flexibility for customers in finding the best health protection products. Owning PVI care insurance products, customers enjoy major benefits of up to 580,000,000 VND/person/year, with fees starting from only 5,553,600 VND/person/year for personal and household insurance products. family. Businesses can buy their employees an insurance package with preferential benefits up to 500,000,000 VND/person/year.

Fast and professional compensation service, helping customers enjoy life with peace of mind. When you own a PVI Care health insurance package, you will be covered by insurance for risk costs within the scope of insurance specified in the benefits table. The procedures are quick, simple, and timely to help customers avoid losses.

PVI is always highly appreciated for its reputation, top service quality in Vietnam, and a team of enthusiastic and dedicated consultants to help customers be satisfied and feel secure in being cared for. PVI Care Insurance Bringing customers the most comfort when being examined and treated at a system of top quality hospitals and clinics nationwide including private and international hospitals. Highly trained doctors and nurses, along with advanced medical machinery, help customers’ health recover as quickly as possible.

PVI Care Insurance is the most perfect choice to protect the health and financial resources of family and business employees. So where should you find a reputable address to buy this insurance product? Come to IBAOHIEM – a high quality insurance company that will help all customers be as safe as possible.

Learn product details here: PVI Care Insurance

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