Price to buy PVI care insurance

Healthcare plays an extremely important role in ensuring a healthy, happy and sustainable life for each person. Because health is the foundation for each individual to realize their dreams, plans and make better plans for the future. Therefore, plans and solutions to care for, protect or improve health are always issues that receive a lot of attention from the community today. And one of the health protection options that many people choose today is to participate in health care insurance programs issued by insurance companies. The highlight of that choice is insurance. PVI care. So should I buy PVI care insurance or not? Level PVI care insurance purchase price is it expensive or not? When purchasing this product, what insurance benefits will PVI provide? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to find the answer to that problem!

Insurance purchase price is the amount that the customer needs to pay in full to the insurance company according to the agreements and terms recorded in the insurance contract/insurance certificate. Accordingly, it can be understood, PVI care insurance purchase price is the amount of money you are responsible for paying to PVI insurance company when participating in the PVI care program – health care insurance, in order to receive compensation, protection and timely payment from PVI in the event health risks and incidents.

Price to buy PVI Care insurance

PVI care is PVI’s comprehensive health care program designed for customers from 15 days old to 60 years old, renewing up to 65 years old, who are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners legally residing in Vietnam. . When participating in this product, you will be supported by PVI to pay part or all of the hospital bills arising during the examination and treatment of issues: illness, accident, disease, maternity, dentistry and even death whether it is inpatient or outpatient treatment;

In addition, with a flexible payment mechanism that is directly at the guarantee hospitals and indirectly within 15 days of receiving a valid claim file from the customer; You can have health examination and treatment at any legal medical facility without having to worry about incurring hospital bills, even though those hospitals have extremely expensive medical costs.

Based on the actual situation of different customer groups, each segment will have certain participation needs, different financial levels of payment, as well as the age of the insured person is also extremely diverse. form. Therefore, this product is designed by PVI with flexible programs and terms of participation to help customers easily choose the most suitable insurance program. For those reasons PVI care insurance purchase price It is also applied flexibly in each customer case. Such as:

If you choose to participate in the main insurance benefit in insurance program 2 with a maximum benefit of 415 million VND/person/year, including support costs: 9 million VND/day of hospitalization, surgery. surgery is 180 million VND, benefits before hospitalization or after discharge are 9 million VND, etc. And the fee you need to pay in this case is based on age as follows: 4,291,875 with ages from 19 to 40, 4,806,900 VND for ages 41 to 50, etc. Or when participating in additional insurance benefits in program 1 with maternity insurance, with a support level of 3,500,000 VND/day, then The fee you need to pay for PVI will be 3,060,000 VND

Hopefully IBAOHIEM’s sharing above has helped you better understand the problems related to PVI care insurance purchase price.

Learn product details here: PVI Care Insurance

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