Oil and gas health insurance

A health insurance card not only helps you save on daily health care costs, but is also a reasonable financial management measure when examining, treating, and taking care of your health. By paying a premium corresponding to your chosen insurance program, you will not have to worry about unexpected medical expenses that can cause great financial pressure, because when you buy insurance, you has legally transferred the risk to the insurance company. With such a preeminent role, health insurance products are becoming more and more popular, and currently there are many insurance brands that design and provide this insurance program such as: Bao Viet, MIC , Bao Minh, PTI, Liberty,… especially, it is impossible not to mention the oil and gas insurance brand. So Oil and gas health insurance is it good? Where to contact to receive timely support and advice about this product? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to answer those concerns!

Oil and gas health insurance Also known as PVI health insurance or PVI care insurance, it is a voluntary insurance program and is considered a voluntary health insurance card that provides timely support. , attractive subsidies when the insured person is examined and treated at the hospital due to health incidents such as illness, disease, accident, dentistry, maternity or even death risk. death;

This insurance program is designed by PVI specifically for those who are Vietnamese citizens or foreigners legally residing in Vietnam between the ages of 1 and 60 years old, but for children under 10 years old. Age when participating in insurance must meet additional conditions: participating with a parent, the insurance amount is greater than or equal to the amount that the parent has participated;

In addition, PVI not only covers medical examination and drug costs, but also provides comprehensive financial support for the insured during treatment and use of medical equipment. as directed, stay in hospital to recover, perform surgery, etc. at any legal medical facility across the country, regardless of whether it is a public or private hospital, an on-demand examination department or an international hospital;

Next, Oil and gas health insurance Also designed with five participating insurance programs, with two groups of insurance benefits, of which the maximum insurance benefit is up to 580 million VND/person/year, and fees are classified accordingly for each program. insurance, age of the person insured under the contract.

Oil and gas health insurance

If you are still wondering about the health insurance program that PVI is providing, or want to learn more about detailed benefits and corresponding fees, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM – one of The leading address specializing in distributing and providing insurance products designed by brands such as PVI, Bao Viet, MIC, VBI, PTI, Liberty,… committed to bringing you good insurance services the best, the best for your life and your loved ones.

Hopefully, with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has provided you with more useful information Oil and gas health insurance

Learn more about insurance packages here: Oil and Gas health insurance

After you have learned about the product and you need advice or contact to buy insurance, please do the following:

1/ Method 1: Send support or information via forms on articles or websites.

2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: Kinhdoanh@ibaohiem.vn The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so that consultants can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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