List of garages affiliated with MIC car insurance

Affiliated garages are garages that have signed a cooperation contract with an insurance company in many aspects, including joint vehicle damage assessment, repair of insured vehicles and guarantee of immediate vehicle repair costs. at the company. When the customer is guaranteed a repair at the Garage by the insurance company, it is understood that the customer will not have to pay for the repair to the Garage (and then claim insurance), but only need to take the vehicle in for inspection and repair. After repairing, the customer drives the car home. Payment for repair costs will be paid directly by the Insurance Company to the Garage.

When a customer participates in insurance at an insurance company , then collect repair documents and payment invoices and submit them to insurance company X to be repaid. Waiting for compensation approval and receiving money can take a week or longer, depending on the quality of insurance company X’s service.

Military Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (Formerly known as Military Insurance Joint Stock Company) was established by decision of the Central Military Commission and received a certificate from the Ministry of Finance. After 10 years of formation and development, MIC currently has a charter capital of nearly 800 billion VND with more than 60 member companies spread throughout the entire territory of Vietnam.

Up to now, MIC has not only affirmed itself as the best insurance unit for units under the Ministry of Defense but also promoted its service abroad with more than 100 insurance products to meet the requirements of all customers.

In addition to specific insurance services specifically serving military units such as military accident insurance, student insurance in military schools and professional liability insurance for medical doctors in the military… MIC also serves two customers: individuals and businesses.

Creating the future of Vietnam’s insurance industry with a customer-centric mindset and applying leading digital platforms to bring customers experiences of dedicated advice and protection through a multi-service system. integrated channel.

We always stand side by side with our customers to build a happy life through consulting solutions, dedicated protection and bringing wonderful experiences. We are committed to increasing value for customers, partners, shareholders and actively contributing to the good development of the community.

Learn more about the company here: MIC Insurance

List of garages affiliated with MIC insurance

MIC car insurance product is a car insurance service provided by MIC Insurance Company, one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam. Below is some basic information about MIC car insurance products:

  • Civil Liability Insurance: MIC car insurance products help protect you from property risks caused by collisions to third parties. This is especially important if you cause injury or damage to another person or their property in a traffic accident.
  • Vehicle physical insurance: This product protects the vehicle against physical damage caused by natural disasters, sudden and unforeseeable accidents in the following cases: Collision (including collision with objects other than motor vehicle), overturning, falling, sinking, falling the entire vehicle, being hit by other objects; stolen. Insured motor vehicle owners will receive financial support to replace the vehicle or repair vehicle body damage.
  • Personal Accident Insurance: This insurance covers you and your vehicle’s occupants against injury or death in the event of a traffic accident. This helps reduce the financial burden on family and relatives in the worst case scenario.
  • Storm, Flood and Lightning Insurance: MIC car insurance products can cover natural risks such as storms, lightning, and flooding. This helps you protect your property from unexpected damage caused by weather warnings or natural disasters.
  • Additional options: MIC car insurance products often provide many additional options for customers to optimize their level of protection. This can include glass insurance, driver’s insurance, and many other options depending on individual needs.
  • Flexible policies: MIC Insurance Company often offers many options for insurance terms and levels of protection to suit customers’ needs and budgets.

MIC car insurance products are designed to ensure safety and protect your assets in the unfortunate event of an accident or loss of your vehicle.

Learn about product details here: MIC car insurance

List of garages affiliated with MIC car insurance

Note: Garage list may be updated from time to time. For the latest information, please contact IBAOHIEM for the latest information

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