Bao Viet health insurance premium

Many people think that you have to have a lot of money to buy health insurance. However, this concept is completely wrong. Bao Viet health insurance premium Nowadays it’s not as expensive as people think. By spending just a few hundred thousand dong a year, customers can enjoy insurance benefits up to tens of millions of dong. Follow IBAOHIEM’s article below to see more clearly.

With Bao Viet health insurance, customers are free to choose insurance packages, costs and corresponding benefits. So, Bao Viet health insurance premium is not fixed, moreover it depends:

  • Insurance benefits: The more complete and comprehensive the benefits, the more generous the payment limit, the higher the cost.
  • Age of participants: Ages 19-30 are usually the age to get the best fees, because at this stage, people’s health is not much affected. The younger or older the child is, the higher the insurance premium will be.
  • Scope of application: The larger the insurance service, the higher the fee, especially for insurance packages in foreign countries.
  • Special offers: Bao Viet often has incentives for new customers, repeat customers, or groups of customers who buy for many people at the same time.

Bao Viet Insurance has many health insurance products, each product has many insurance programs with corresponding fees and benefits. You can consult Bao Viet health insurance premium through a few health insurance packages below.

Bao Viet health insurance premium

Bao Viet An Gia: Bao Viet An Gia includes 5 programs: Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond arranged in ascending order of benefits and insurance premiums. The advantage of the Bao Viet An Gia package’s fee is that it meets the participation of many customers, from those with low income, average income to high income. For example, with the Bronze program, the fee for customers aged 19 – 30 is only 1,196,000/person/year, for customers aged 31 – 40 is 1,315,600/person/year. With the Diamond program – the most advanced program of the package, the participation fee for those aged 19 – 30 is 4,290,000/person/year, for those aged 31 – 40 is 4,719,000/person/year. The maximum insurance benefit that customers can enjoy can be up to 454,000,000/person/year.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet An Gia Insurance

Bao Viet Tam Binh: Bao Viet Tam Binh also includes 5 insurance programs arranged in ascending order of benefits and premiums: Basic, Extended, Advanced, Comprehensive, Superior. However, compared to Bao Viet An Gia, this insurance package is considered to have a much cheaper fee, while still fully meeting all customers’ insurance needs. For example, with the Basic program, customers aged 41-50 only need to pay a fee of 486,000/person/year, or between the ages of 7-18 only need to pay a fee of 535,000/person/year. year can enjoy benefits up to 60,000,000 VND/person/year. If you want to use the Premium package – the most advanced package, customers between the ages of 41-50 only need to pay a fee of 1,919,000/person/year, insurance benefits up to 330,000,00 VND/year. people/year.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Tam Binh Insurance

Bao Viet Intercare: Bao Viet Intercare is a high-end health insurance program, meeting the health care needs of VIP customers at high-end hospitals domestically or abroad. So. The fee will be more expensive than Bao Viet An Gia and Bao Viet Tam Binh. Specifically, there are 5 programs for customers to choose from: Select, Essential, Classic, Gold, Diamond. The fee for customers aged 19-25 for the Select package is 6,000,000/person/year, for customers aged 0-18 is 6,200,000/person/year. With the Diamond package – the most advanced package with worldwide coverage and insurance benefits up to 10.5 billion VND, the participation fee for customers aged 19-25 is 22,200,000 VND. /person/year, aged 0-18 is 15,300,000/person/year.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet Intercare Insurance

IBAOHIEM is known as a reputable address specializing in consulting and providing Bao Viet insurance products. Customers just need to contact IBAOHIEM, all concerns and problems related to participating and using insurance will be answered by the experienced and highly qualified staff here.

Related information Bao Viet health insurance premium was shared above by IBAOHIEM. We hope that customers can choose for themselves and their loved ones the insurance package with the most suitable price.

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1/ Method 1: Send support or information via forms on articles or websites.

2/ Method 2: Call or text the hotline number: 0966 490 888 – 02466 569 888 for staff to advise and answer questions.

3/ Method 3: Send request email to mailbox: The content of the request is consulted or answered. Note: please leave your phone number so the consultant can contact you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

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