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Nowadays, there are many ways to take care of your health, including regular check-ups, vaccinations to prevent diseases, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise, and timely treatment and cure. sick when something goes wrong…. In addition to the above methods, participating in voluntary health care insurance programs is also a method increasingly chosen by many people. In addition to mandatory health insurance according to state regulations, this voluntary insurance brings many benefits and conveniences to participants, especially the ability to pay and support extremely attractive hospital fees from insurance company side. Prominent among them is the health care insurance program issued by PVI. So what insurance benefits does PVI health care insurance provide? Level PVI health care insurance prices Is it attractive? How to choose the most suitable insurance program? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to answer those questions!

PVI health care insurance or PVI care insurance is a comprehensive health care insurance program designed by Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation, for all customers who are Vietnamese citizens and including foreigners legally residing in Vietnam from 15 days old to 60 years old, renewable up to 65 years old.

This product is provided to provide timely financial support and at the same time help customers quickly access the best and most convenient medical services when they encounter health problems such as: illness, accident, illness, maternity, dental, even death;

PVI designs this product with two insurance benefits: main insurance benefits include accident insurance, inpatient treatment insurance due to illness, accident; Additional insurance benefits include outpatient treatment insurance due to illness, disease, accident, dental care insurance, maternity insurance and life insurance. Along with that, there are five diverse participating insurance programs, this helps customers easily choose the corresponding and most suitable insurance programs.

PVI health care insurance price

As shared above, this product is designed by PVI to be extremely diverse in terms of benefits and participation programs. On the other hand, the age of each insured customer is not the same, that’s why. PVI health care insurance prices applied in each customer case is different. For example:

You choose to participate in insurance program 5- as the main insurance benefit, with a maximum benefit limit of 115 million VND/year, including supports such as: 2,500,000 VND/day of hospitalization, 50 million VND. VND for surgery and emergency transportation costs is 5 million, VND 2,500,000 for pre-hospitalization costs, etc. Accordingly, the fee you need to pay for PVI will be 1,504,375 VND if within Ages from 19 to 40, 1,805,250 VND for children from 4 to 10 years old,…

Or when participating in insurance program 1 – for additional insurance benefits with maternity insurance, you need to pay PVI an amount of 3,060,000 VND with benefits for natural birth/cesarean section or fetal complications. production is 3,500,000/day.

Hopefully the above sharing from IBAOHIEM has helped you better visualize the role of health care insurance and especially information about health care insurance. PVI health care insurance prices

Learn product details here: PVI health insurance

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