Is PVI motorbike insurance good?

Currently, motorbikes are still a popular transportation choice for people in our country because the price of buying a motorbike is reasonable, motorbikes can easily move in densely populated areas or small alleys, helping people Easy to use and move around… but when using motorbikes, we can still encounter unexpected risks and accidents. In the event of such an incident, the impact can range from mild to severe, depending on the extent and nature of the problem. Problems such as minor technical failures or minor collisions can be easily fixed, while major accidents can cause enormous physical and financial damage, even affecting health and safety. the lives of everyone involved. And to help vehicle owners feel more secure during use, and to help traffic participants feel more secure, motorbike insurance was designed. Therefore, in the shared article Is PVI motorbike insurance good? IBAOHIEM’s below will help you better understand the role, benefits and fees when participating in motorbike insurance.

PVI Insurance, or PetroVietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (abbreviated as PVI), was established in 1996 and has soon been a prominent brand in the Vietnamese insurance market. After more than 25 years of construction and development, PVI has continuously consolidated and improved its position in the market. This is a business that has achieved impressive achievements in revenue, operating network, reputation, customer service and is constantly diversifying insurance products. This development has attracted attention and appreciation from business partners, especially customers both at home and abroad. Therefore, when buying insurance here, you can be completely assured about PVI’s reputation and ability to pay when participating in any insurance program.

Is PVI motorbike insurance good?

Is PVI motorbike insurance good? This is a concern that many customers have when researching and choosing to participate in this product, and below are some reasons to confirm that this is a superior insurance product, bringing many benefits to customers. Customers during the participation process:

Compulsory motorbike insurance, this is an insurance product that any motorbike owner must participate in according to the provisions of road traffic law. The insured object in this case is the health and property of the damaged third person, or in other words, when the car owner/driver is at fault and causes damage to a third person, PVI will ensure compensation. , maximum payout: 150 million VND/person/case for human damage and 50 million VND/case for property damage;

PVI Voluntary Motorbike Insurance is an additional insurance product designed by PVI to comprehensively meet all insurance and protection needs of customers, including: physical insurance. motorbike – paid in case the vehicle encounters unexpected incidents such as collision, fire, explosion, natural disaster, etc. Or passenger accident insurance – PVI provides timely and quick compensation in case the driver/car passenger encounters an unexpected accident.

In addition, compulsory motorbike insurance fees are also extremely preferential, ranging from only a few VND 50 – 290,000 (excluding VAT) depending on each motorbike segment. With voluntary insurance, it is calculated based on the rules. vehicle’s toll rate. With this calculation, it will help customers easily choose the most complete and comprehensive insurance packages to receive timely protection and reduce the financial burden when using a motorbike.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you answer your questions Is PVI motorbike insurance good?

Learn more about the product here: PVI motorbike insurance

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