Celebrate Spring and Tet – Cool Down at Same Price! 7-seat car reduced to 250 million VND at the end of the year!

By the end of the year, the car market witnessed the attraction of a group of 7-seat SUVs, including Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Ford Everest, Explorer, along with Volkswagen Tiguan and Teramont, making it impossible for buyers to miss the opportunities. special savings. These car models are all deeply discounted, up to 250 million VND, and come with attractive gifts, giving customers an unbeatable shopping experience.

Volkswagen Tiguan and Teramont – Top Discounts

Welcome the new year with brilliance Volkswagen Tiguan and Teramont, two 7-seat SUV models are seeing significant price reductions. Volkswagen Tiguan, price 1,999 billion VND, 100% registration fee support, equivalent to 200 million VND. Meanwhile, Teramont, priced at VND 2,499 billion, immediately receives a 100% registration fee discount, along with a service privilege card worth VND 50 million.

Volkswagen Teramont receives incentives of up to 250 million VND along with attractive gifts from dealers

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport – Free Insurance and Registration Fee

Even when the old year is about to end, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Still maintaining attractive incentives. With a price of 1.13 billion VND, the Pajero Sport 4×2 AT version immediately receives a discount of 113 million VND, including 100% registration fee and one year of physical insurance worth 18 million VND. The Pajero Sport 4×4 AT, priced at 1.365 billion VND, is also supported with 136.5 million VND and 19 million VND respectively.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport gets incentives up to 136.5 million VND

Ford Everest and Explorer – Attractiveness From the SUV Team

Ford Everest, the leading SUV model in the D-class SUV segment, is attractive with a discount of more than 100 million VND for the Ambiente version. For Ford Explorer, although it belongs to the E-class SUV segment with a price of 2,399 billion VND, in December, this model immediately decreased by 100 million VND, to only 2,299 billion VND.

Ford Everest is receiving incentives of nearly 110 million VND

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga – Biggest Deals

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga Not only is it an economical choice but it also offers the biggest incentives. Both MT and AT versions are supported with 100% registration fee. The AT version even receives a discount of 110 million VND, including 0% loan interest rate, one year of material insurance and fuel vouchers worth 13 million VND.

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga has incentives of up to 110 million VND in the last days of December

Suzuki Hybrid Ertiga in Vietnam is being sold with 2 versions MT and AT, listed prices are 538 and 608 million VND respectively.

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