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Traveling is a popular activity and is increasingly becoming an essential need for people in today’s life, because traveling can help us discover, expand our knowledge, and relax our minds. spirit, meeting and exchanging new friends, or an opportunity for us to have more experiences and challenge ourselves, etc. With such an increased demand for tourism, tourism-related services are also increasing day by day. a more developed area such as tourism and travel services, transportation services, restaurant services, etc. And especially not to mention travel insurance services – providing protection and compensation. Timely financial compensation for customers during the participation process. So are the benefits of travel insurance attractive? Buy insurance for tourists where? Is this product mandatory? All those concerns will be answered by IBAOHIEM in the article shared below.

Travel insurance is a type of insurance contract that helps protect and ensure customer safety during travel. Travel insurance includes the necessary elements to ensure travelers have timely protection and financial support in emergency situations such as: medical expenses incurred, financial assistance while traveling. Having problems with luggage, departure time, lost documents, delayed baggage receipt, illness, unexpected accidents, etc.

Buy insurance for tourists

Travel insurance is a type of voluntary insurance, participating according to the needs and desires of each individual customer. However, participation in this product is mandatory for businesses providing tourism and travel services. In other words, Buy insurance for tourists is a mandatory condition for travel companies according to the provisions of the 2017 Law on Tourism, whether it is domestic tourism or international tourism, unless the customer has purchased separate travel insurance.

In addition, not only businesses specializing in tourism services are required to participate in travel insurance for customers, but also for tourists who need it and plan to go to countries such as Russia, Canada, and Australia. , Korea, Japan, some Schengen countries such as Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, etc. are required to participate in international travel insurance to be eligible for a valid visa.

Currently, there are many different travel insurance packages, designed extremely diversely and divided into two main insurance programs:

Domestic travel insurance is considered an indispensable companion on every long trip, regardless of whether the purpose is tourism, business or visiting relatives within the country. When participating in domestic travel insurance, the life and health of the insured person will be protected against unwanted accidents, with the insurance company ensuring payment of necessary and appropriate fees. reason for you to quickly overcome risks and continue your trip.

Overseas travel insurance offers a simpler and easier solution to problems that occur when you travel abroad. The insurance company will compensate you for expenses such as: incidental medical expenses, hospitalization allowance, insurance for lost/damaged items, insurance for delayed travel, financial insurance if Unfortunately you dropped the money… This helps you travel with more confidence and peace of mind, without having to worry about financial aspects in case something goes wrong.

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