PVI Care insurance benefits

Health is the key to opening many doors for people, with health we can contribute to work and life. Understanding the importance of health protection, PVI Insurance has launched the PVI Care insurance product with many useful features, helping individuals and families enjoy a fulfilling and safe life. So is PVI Care insurance good or not? Let’s learn about it with IBAOHIEM PVI Care insurance benefits Go through the article below.

With more than 30 years of operation in the insurance field, PVI has always been known for its dedication and quality. With many comprehensive health care insurance products and very preferential fees, this insurance company has become a superior financial choice for many customers. PVI Care Insurance is a type of high-end health insurance that helps you and your family cover the costs of medical treatment, hospitalization, treatment, and surgery in cases of illness, disease, or accident. problem,…

Main insurance benefits

When participating in PVI Care insurance, the total benefit limit that customers can receive is up to 580,000,000 VND/person/year. With very reasonable insurance costs, customers can receive benefits such as accident insurance due to death or injury due to accidents with maximum benefit limits ranging from 115 million VND to 580 million VND. , or in cases of risks leading to total or permanent disability, customers will be guaranteed hospital fees by PVI according to the disability rate table.

With inpatient insurance benefits due to illness, disease, or accident, customers can be hospitalized for up to 60 days/year with a maximum amount of 12,500,000 VND/day and 250,000,000 VND/year. . In case of surgery including organ transplant, excluding the cost of purchasing organs and the cost of organ donation, the insurance amount can range from 50,000,000 VND/year – 250,000,000 VND/year, in addition to There are other benefits before and after hospitalization.

PVI Care insurance benefits

Additional insurance benefits

Outpatient treatment due to illness, disease, or accident: With 5 insurance programs, customers can freely choose, benefit limits for participants range from 6 million VND/person/year – 20 million VND/year. people/year.

Dental care insurance: when participating in this additional insurance package, customers can receive dedicated and thoughtful care at a reputable, high-quality dental system with an insurance amount from 1,500,000 VND. VND/person/year – 6,000,000 VND/person/year with 2 examinations/year.

Maternity insurance: for pregnant women, customers can be insured from program 1 and program 2 with insurance payments ranging from 16 million VND/person/year – 20 million VND/person/year.

Death insurance due to illness or disease: when unfortunate events such as death due to illness or disease occur, the insured’s family members receive an amount ranging from 115 million VND/person/year – 580 million VND /person/year.

PVI Care helps customers protect their health and finances in the most optimal way with costs starting from only 15,000 VND/day. With insurance programs, customers receive much PVI Care insurance benefits, besides, participants can also receive medical examination and treatment at a system of hospitals and clinics nationwide, including private and international. PVI also commits to quickly compensate within 15 days so that customers and their families can resolve difficulties promptly.

Thus, the above article has helped people better understand PVI Care insurance benefits. So which reputable facility should you buy PVI Care insurance from? Come to IBAOHIEM, our team of consultants will help you and your family find the best solution on your journey to protecting your health and finances.

Learn product details here: PVI Care Insurance

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