List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals

Protecting and taking care of our health is something that each of us always strives for because health is gold, without health it is very difficult for us to realize our plans and dreams in life. Seeing clearly the importance of health, people have sought and applied the best solutions to protect and improve health such as: forming healthy habits, changing lifestyle, increasing food intake. Do sports activities, follow a more balanced diet, limit harmful habits, and at the same time, access medical information and knowledge to better understand your health, etc. Especially , one of the options to contribute to health protection that many people choose today is to participate in a voluntary health insurance program – to ensure access and reduce financial burdens. through the guarantee hospital system. So what is a guarantee hospital? Is the payment mechanism attractive? Please join IBAOHIEM to share this article List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals to answer those problems!

Bao Viet Guarantee Hospital is an indispensable part of the system of partner hospitals of the Bao Viet brand. In other words, when the insured person is examined or treated for health problems at hospitals that Bao Viet has cooperated with, they will enjoy the guarantee, that is, the expenses Medical will be paid directly from Bao Viet.

So, List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals is a system that lists addresses and information about hospitals that Bao Viet has linked to, to help insurance customers easily access the best and most convenient medical services without having to pay too much. Worry about financial problems arising.

List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals

In order to bring maximum convenience to customers during the examination and treatment process, Bao Viet has built a hospital fee guarantee system at more than 200 leading hospitals across the country, including public, on-demand clinics, as well as private and international hospitals. Such as:

For example, in Hanoi, Bao Viet has established links with many reputable hospitals that meet all legal and modern standards. These partner hospitals include: Medical University Hospital, Central Traditional Medicine Hospital, Vinmec International General Hospital, Viet Phap Hospital, Central Tropical Hospital; DND International Eye Hospital, Viet Phap International Dental Clinic,…

Or in Ho Chi Minh City, there are hospitals located in List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals such as: International Neurosurgery Hospital; Columbia Gia Dinh Hospital, VinMec Central Park Hospital, City International Hospital, Saigon General Hospital, Tu Du Hospital, Saigon International Obstetrics Hospital,…

Currently, Bao Viet will support customers participating in insurance with two main payment mechanisms: direct payment mechanism at hospitals on the affiliated list, or in other words when visiting one of the hospitals. At these affiliated medical facilities, customers will receive a guarantee for hospital bills directly from Bao Viet. In case of examining or using medical services at any other legal medical facility, Bao Viet will provide compensation in an indirect manner within 15 days of receiving the request document. valid from the customer’s side. This helps insurance customers receive timely and complete support and compensation payments from Bao Viet.

Hopefully the above sharing of IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information List of Bao Viet guaranteed hospitals.

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