Top popular cars with strong discounts in 2023 in Vietnam: Strong discounts of up to 500 million, many competitive car models in the low price segment

In the context of a difficult general economic recovery, popular car manufacturers in Vietnam have faced challenges and competitive pressure. To attract customers, many companies have decided to offer discounts and special offers. Below are some notable popular car discounts in 2023:

Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – Discount 500 million VND

German car company, Volkswagen, has taken advantage of the price reduction strategy to increase sales. The company has simultaneously reduced prices of almost the entire product range including Touareg, Teramont, Tiguan Allspace, T-Cross and Virtus. In turn, Touareg is reduced by 300-400 million VND, Teramont is reduced by 400 million VND, Tiguan Allspace stands out with a maximum reduction of up to 500 million VND, T-Cross is reduced by 220-300 million VND and Virtus is reduced by 270-300 million VND.

The deep price reduction has helped Volkswagen’s product range become more competitive in the segment, especially compared to competitors in the same segment. For example, the price of the Teramont model is currently up to 340 million VND lower than the Ford Explorer, creating a competitive price advantage. Even models like the Virtus and T-Cross, in the B-segment segment, previously had prices reaching up to billions, although they did not stand out in terms of design, equipment and amenities. This price reduction has made them more attractive to consumers in this segment, creating competition and attracting attention from the market.

Subaru BRZ – Discount 282 million VND

Subaru also joined the price-cutting race with the BRZ sports car. The reduction of VND 282 million helps make the BRZ attractive to consumers, especially those looking for a sports car with a powerful design and engine.

The Subaru BRZ is slightly larger at 4,265 mm long and 1,775 mm wide, while the BMW Z4 is 4,324 mm long and 1,864 mm wide. Although only a little small in size, the price of the Subaru BRZ is significantly lower than the BMW Z4 (3,139 billion VND).

In particular, the Subaru BRZ has no direct competitors in the price range of about 1.6 billion VND. However, because it is a “play car” line with only 2 doors, this model is not the choice of the majority of customers, and the application of discounts and incentives is understandable. In the car segment priced at 2 billion VND for speed lovers, Subaru WRX and Honda Civic Type R are also notable competitors.

Nissan Kicks – Discount 259 million VND

In August, many people publicly offered to sell Nissan Kicks with discounts of up to 238-259 million VND. The two versions E and V, with listed prices of 789 million VND and 858 million VND respectively, are strongly discounted to 530 million VND and 620 million VND.

These are special purchases offered by Nissan Vietnam to senior employees. These people did not use them so they decided to resell them. Therefore, the number of vehicles is limited and the discount is not fixed. All vehicles are manufactured in 2022.

Meanwhile, dealers across the country still maintain discounts of 100-150 million VND. Such a price reduction makes Nissan Kicks more competitive than Toyota Raize (552 million VND) and Kia Sonet (519-574 million VND). Although belonging to the B-size SUV/Crossover segment, Nissan Kicks competes directly with Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta, Honda HR-V and Toyota Corolla Cross.

Honda Accord – Discount 250 million VND

Honda Accord, a popular sedan, also participates in the discount with a discount of VND 250 million. This helps increase the competitiveness of this sedan with a more attractive price compared to competitors in the segment.

The listed price of Honda Accord is 1,319 billion VND. However, after a discount of 250 million VND, the actual price is only 1,069 billion VND. This is considered the lowest price ever for the version equipped with the Honda Sensing advanced safety technology package, which the company introduced to the Vietnamese market at the end of 2021.

With a price of 1,069 billion VND, Honda Accord becomes more competitive and cheaper than the “base” version of Toyota Camry, which is currently priced at 1,105 billion VND. For regular customers, the incentive will be reduced to 230 million VND when buying cars manufactured in 2022.

Haval H6 HEV – Reduced by 244 million VND

Haval H6 HEV, a hybrid utility vehicle, also attracted attention with a discount program of up to 244 million VND. This increases Haval’s competitiveness in the C-class SUV/CUV segment and attracts people interested in hybrid technology.

These discount strategies not only help car manufacturers attract new customers but also create opportunities for consumers to own quality car models at attractive discounts. However, to ensure the right car buying decision, understanding the information and consulting with experts is important.

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