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Today, in the context of strong socio-economic development and people’s lives being significantly improved, owning a private car is no longer a luxury for many people. This fact, not only marks an improvement in the quality of life, but also leads to a significant increase in the demand for car-related products and services. Prominent among them is the need for customers to participate in and use specialized insurance programs for cars, because car insurance not only helps protect owners from financial risks caused by car insurance. accident, breakdown or theft, but also creates an opportunity for them to feel more secure when using and owning their vehicle. And a popular choice among customers today is Buy PVI auto insurance. So is auto insurance issued by PVI good? What insurance benefits does this product provide? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to better understand that!

PVI auto insurance or PVI two-way auto insurance is one of the insurance products designed and issued by PVI insurance company (Vietnam oil and gas insurance), this product has the function of supporting , comprehensively protecting customers during the insurance process when unfortunately facing risks and accidents beyond their control.

Buy PVI auto insurance

Depending on your needs and purpose of using insurance, you can choose Buy PVI auto insurance with many different options, specifically as follows:

PVI car civil liability insurance, this is an insurance product that PVI designed in accordance with the law on compulsory insurance for motor vehicle owners. Accordingly, if you participate in this product, you will be supported by PVI to pay part or all of the necessary and reasonable costs to fulfill the obligation to compensate the damaged person with the minimum insurance limit. The maximum payout is as follows: the third person whose life or health is damaged – PVI supports a maximum of 150 million VND/person/case, the third person whose property is damaged – PVI supports a maximum of 100 million VND contract/season;

PVI voluntary car insurance is designed with three component insurance programs: car physical insurance – payment support in case the customer’s car is damaged due to accidents. out of control such as collision, collision, center of gravity deviation, sinking, fire,…; Vehicle occupant accident insurance – PVI compensates customers with reasonable amounts of money to quickly stabilize their lives and clean up the consequences; Car cargo insurance – helps customers no longer worry too much, not too stressed about financial issues when goods are lost or damaged during transportation, etc.

And with the diversity of benefits and options to participate in such insurance products, the fee for purchasing this product is also applied extremely flexibly, applied according to the formula that is fee rate x price. Actual value of the vehicle at the time the customer participates in insurance. Besides, this fee also depends on additional terms, driving time, purpose of vehicle use, previous year’s compensation, etc. Therefore, in order to receive an accurate price, as well as clearly understand For more information about car insurance products designed by PVI, you can contact us at IBAOHIEM via hotline 0966.490.888 / 0966.795.333 to receive timely and safe support from a team of experts. advise.

Above are the answers that IBAOHIEM wants to share with you about the problem Buy PVI auto insurance.

Learn product details here: PVI car insurance

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