Bao Viet life insurance for children

Parents’ love for their children is boundless, not only do they nurture and take care of them every day, but they also always want the best for their children. Many parents today buy life insurance for their children from a very young age to ensure their health as well as a source of savings to utilize for greater purposes when they become adults. Understanding this, Bao Viet has launched many life insurance products for children, meeting the needs of every family. Let’s learn about it with IBAOHIEM Bao Viet life insurance for children Go through the article below.

Children are among the subjects that need careful and attentive care because their resistance is not yet fully developed and they are susceptible to many diseases caused by external factors. Life insurance for children from an early age helps parents feel secure about their children’s health. With high-quality services, children will receive the most thoughtful care.

Economic life is increasingly developing, many families choose to use accumulated money to invest in their children’s future. Life insurance for children is an effective investment that helps protect and save money on treatment and medical examination for children, helping them to always be protected, and together with them accumulate a solid financial fund. Serves purposes such as studying, starting a career or studying abroad,… in the future.

Bao Viet life insurance for children

Understanding the needs of parents, Bao Viet brings products Life insurance for children is integrated with many benefits and is flexible in terms of age and premium payment period. Products Bao Viet life insurance for children Most trusted by many people such as An Khang Hanh Phuc, An Phat Cat Tuong.

An Khang Hanh Phuc: Bao Viet offers children 3 insurance programs from Basic, Advanced, and Premium that parents can flexibly choose to participate in for their children. When participating in An Khang Hanh Phuc insurance, children will be insured from 0 to lifetime with many benefits from medical care, surgery, emergency care up to 2 billion VND, insurance against death due to accidents, Disability is 15 billion VND, insurance against stage cancer, stroke, and myocardial infarction is up to 2.5 billion VND. In particular, participating customers can flexibly choose the premium payment period with 6 periods from 10, 15, 20 years or pay premium when the insured person reaches 55, 60, 65 years old. An Khang Hanh Phuc Insurance helps families become financially stable, invest for a good future with many benefits and committed savings.

An Phat Cat Tuong: good health and a prosperous life are what parents always want for their children. Success in your child’s life starts today. An Phat Cat Tuong is the perfect product for protecting and investing in your children. With the advantage of comprehensive integration of 12 protection, accumulation and investment benefits in a single contract, parents can rest assured with Bao Viet’s care services. Moreover, accidental death insurance benefits can be up to 15 billion VND, cancer and stroke insurance benefits are 2.5 billion VND, and medical expenses for hospitalization and surgery benefits are 2 billion VND. An Phat Cat Tuong is a flexible financial solution according to customer needs. The superiority of the product is the flexible payment term, which can be paid in 1 time or 5 years.

Life insurance is necessary not only for adults to enjoy their old age, but even for children, life insurance is more necessary than ever. Parents can rest assured, children are fully protected, family finances are guaranteed, children’s future is developed, Bao Viet life insurance for children Truly a great product with many outstanding advantages

So buy it Bao Viet life insurance for children At what facility? Come to IBAOHIEM, a reputable address with enthusiastic and professional consultants to help parents clearly understand the products to bring the most benefits to their children.

Learn more about the product here: Bao Viet Life Insurance

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