Reputable international travel insurance company

Travel is not only an entertainment activity, but also carries many cultural values, learning and new experiences for people. By exploring new places, learning about the culture, history, and life of different places, we expand our horizons, improve our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. A complete trip is a safe trip, or risks and damages that we may encounter during travel can be resolved in the fastest and most convenient way. Also for this reason, many tourists today have prepared themselves a risk backup plan, a superior financial backup method is to own an international travel insurance card when People’s need to explore and go abroad is increasing. So Reputable international travel insurance company, or is international travel insurance mandatory, how is the fee calculated? Please join IBAOHIEM in the sharing article below to answer those questions!

International travel insurance is a type of insurance service provided to both Vietnamese and foreigners living in Vietnam, to meet the needs of traveling, visiting relatives, working or studying. in another country. This feature helps ensure that participants can experience long-distance journeys comfortably and safely with the benefits of:

Unexpected accident while traveling: Insurance will ensure that you have financial support in case of an unexpected accident during travel;

Health problems: Faced with weather changes and new environments, you may suffer from illness or feel unwell. Insurance will protect you from medical expenses incurred in this case;

Reputable international travel insurance company

Flight problems: In case the flight is delayed or canceled, you will receive financial support to resolve this situation;

Loss of personal property, important documents, passport: Insurance will compensate you in case you lose personal property, identification documents or passport while traveling…

In addition, some countries and territories require you to have travel insurance to qualify for a Visa, such as Japan, Australia, Schengen countries, the US, Canada and many more. other places.

To evaluate one reputable international travel insurance company It is necessary to rely on many different factors including objective and subjective factors as follows:

Objective factors: Prestige/reputation of the insurance enterprise in the general insurance market; financial strength of the business through revenue and market share; customer service and support network; High product quality with attractive benefits and preferential fees; Objective assessments from partners and customers participating in using the product, etc.;

Subjective factors such as: personal perspective and assessment of a brand or insurance product; Financial level of payment for insurance programs and products that the company is providing; market weakness, customer demand for insurance products that customers are interested in,…

Therefore, to be considered a reputable international travel insurance company, it is necessary to rely on many different factors. And currently, insurance brands that receive a lot of trust and appreciation from customers include Bao Viet, PVI, MIC, VNI, VBI, Liberty, Bao Minh, PJICO,…

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