PVI worker accident insurance

Workers are workers who often work in factories, projects, and plants related to manufacturing, construction, transportation, or other fields that require physical strength and professional skills. However, they are also subjects who regularly face labor risks that can occur at any time and place. And when there is an accident, workers often have to take time off work for medical examination and treatment to stabilize their health. Not only do they have income, but they also have to pay other expenses such as hospital bills and food needs. Drinking, treatment, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to have a stable financial source to promptly offset those costs, and one of the financial solutions that many people choose today is to participate in accident insurance. Worker. Therefore, in the sharing article below, IBAOHIEM would like to introduce to you the program PVI worker accident insurance– one of the leading insurance brands that receives a lot of attention and trust from customers, both individuals and organizations.

PVI worker accident insurance is a product issued by one of the largest and oldest non-life insurance brands in the Vietnamese insurance market, which is Vietnam Petroleum Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (PetroVietnam Insurance Joint Stock Corporation). PVI). During nearly 3 decades of operation, PVI has received many different prestigious awards, not only becoming the number one industrial insurer in Vietnam but also a close insurer helping customers manage risks, improve the quality of life better and better;

With accident insurance, PVI provides protection for all Vietnamese citizens and foreigners studying, working, and working in Vietnam between the ages of 1 and 70 years old, by: supporting part or all of the reasonably necessary costs to resolve and overcome risks faced by the customer according to the terms of the contract;

PVI worker accident insurance

Next PVI worker accident insurance Not only does it pay workers’ benefits when they encounter accidents that arise during their labor and work, but it also ensures payment for other risks in life that they can easily encounter in everyday life. , travel, sports competitions, traffic accidents,…;

In particular, the time limit for PVI to pay insurance to customers is only 15 days from receipt of valid claim documents according to regulations. This helps workers easily compensate for reduced income, the deficit in financial resources can be more easily resolved, helping them feel more secure during treatment, convalescence, etc.;

Besides, when owning this product, the insured person can choose any legal medical facility for examination and treatment without having to worry about hospital bills even if it is a private hospital. , or on-demand medical examination department that is still guaranteed to be paid by PVI within the agreed time limit;

The fee to own the product is flexibly based on the amount of insurance and the fee rate is 0.28%. For example, if you choose an insurance amount of 80 million VND, the insurance premium you need to pay to PVI is 0.28% x 80 million = 224,000 VND/person/year.

Currently PVI worker accident insurance are provided by many different units, businesses or insurance agents, so when choosing to buy, customers often consider and choose to participate at reputable addresses to ensure the participation and enjoyment process. benefits take place more smoothly and quickly. And IBAOHIEM is such an address – one of the leading units specializing in distributing and supporting customers to learn about and participate in products released by PVI, Bao Viet, Bao Minh, Liberty, PJICO, MIC, …simple participation procedures, diverse participation methods, professional customer care policy, especially after-sale customer service, committed to bringing you superior, safe, and fast services quickly.

Hopefully with the above sharing, IBAOHIEM has helped you gain more useful information about the product PVI worker accident insurance

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

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