PVI accident insurance price

Accidents are unavoidable for each of us in life, they can happen during our daily activities, during production work, during entertainment or injuries due to vigorous exercise. ,…When this happens, people not only have their income reduced or lost for a certain period of time due to health limitations and are unable to continue their current work, but it also places a financial burden on them. is not small for the family’s income. Therefore, to limit financial risks as well as create more peace of mind in life, many individuals and families today choose to buy accident insurance. And outstanding in the profession of providing accident insurance is the PVI brand that many customers choose to trust. So is PVI accident insurance good?? PVI accident insurance price How is it calculated? How to choose the most reputable accident insurance package? The article shared below by IBAOHIEM will help you find answers to those concerns.

About PVI or Vietnam Oil and Gas Insurance was established very early in our country’s insurance market in 1996. Over 25 years of operation and development until now, PVI has not only become a public insurer. number one industry in our country, but also known as a close and indispensable companion in the process of risk prevention and effective financial provision for all customer segments in the insurance market. whether a business or an individual;

PVI accident insurance price

With accident insurance products, PVI helps protect customers against risks related to accidents by providing timely financial support to customers when an insurance event occurs within the scope and term of insurance. dangerous. This helps customers easily solve financial problems that arise, have a minimum source of income to maintain life, and effectively overcome risks;

And depending on each risk that unfortunate customers encounter, PVI will compensate with benefits such as: death of the insured person – payment of the entire insurance amount stated in the contract; In case the insured person is permanently disabled – payment will be made according to the disability rate table; or the insured person is temporarily disabled – payment of medical treatment costs or hospitalization benefits, etc.

PVI accident insurance price calculated according to the formula: insurance amount x insurance premium rate. Currently, for accident insurance PVI is applying a fee rate of 0.28% and this fee rate can change according to the customer’s agreement with PVI, or be reduced by PVI to a single number. different when customers buy insurance in large quantities. The insurance amount is understood as the maximum amount of money that the customer will receive in case of an accident or risk occurring according to the terms of the insurance contract. Such as:

If you choose to buy accident insurance at PVI with an insurance amount of 100 million VND, the fee you are responsible for paying to PVI is: 100 million x 0.28% = 280,000 VND/person/year. It can be seen that with only a small fee, easily and flexibly changed according to protection needs and affordability, customers have easily established for themselves an effective financial reserve in the future. overcome more risks thanks to compensation from this insurance company.

Hopefully IBAOHIEM’s above sharing article has helped you better understand the role of insurance and especially PVI accident insurance price

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