Accident insurance company

Human life is always full of risks, we are all at risk of facing accidents and injuries at any time. When an incident occurs, if you’re lucky it’s just a scratch, dislocation, or sprain, the treatment cost is insignificant. However, if you unfortunately encounter a serious accident that leads to serious injury, then the cost of treatment and injury recovery will be a worrying number. Therefore, finding the accident insurance company While you are still healthy, preventing the risk of future accidents is a very wise choice. Refer to IBAOHIEM’s article below to get more information about accident insurance packages from reputable companies now!

Vietnamese citizens or foreigners living, working, and studying in Vietnam can participate in accident insurance, except for people with neurological diseases (mental disorders, schizophrenia, epilepsy…) and people who are disabled or have permanent disability of 50% or more.

When the participant encounters an accident risk within the scope of insurance, accident insurance company is responsible for compensation corresponding to the insurance amount/limit of liability stated on the contract or insurance certificate. For example: one-time payment in case of death or permanent disability of the insured person; one-time payment of income support due to accident; Pay related medical fees such as: hospital allowance, surgery costs, medicine costs… for cases of partial injuries.

Accident insurance company

PVI Insurance

PVI is one of the leading insurance companies in Vietnam with reputable and quality products. Among them, PVI accident insurance attracts the attention and participation of many people thanks to attractive insurance benefits. Participants can choose the insurance amount from 1,000,000 VND/person to 200,000,000 VND/person. The fee rate is equal to 0.28% of the insurance amount.

Insurance coverage includes the following cases: death or physical injury due to an accident occurring in Vietnam; missing due to an accident and the court decides that the missing is due to an accident that occurred during the insurance period. In addition, additional fees are extended for accidents caused by participating in professional competitions such as: car racing, horse racing, football, mountain climbing, windsurfing, boat racing, surveying, exploration, etc.

Learn product details here: PVI accident insurance

MIC Insurance

MIC accident insurance products not only meet the needs of many people but also have many advantages and benefits for insurance beneficiaries. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of consumers buying MIC insurance is increasing.

MIC personal accident insurance supports treatment costs and benefits for the insured person in case of physical injury occurring on the territory of Vietnam, including partial disability and permanent total disability. long-term, and death. Insurance packages with diverse insurance amounts from 10 million VND to 200 million VND. Customers participating in an insurance package with an insurance amount of 20 million VND or more are considered special insurance amounts and will receive many benefits in case of partial injury.

Learn product details here: MIC accident insurance

Bao Viet Insurance

In order to meet the increasing requirements of businesses, organizations, companies, individuals… that need to be protected when unfortunately having an accident during labor, construction, or participating in traffic, Bao Viet launched accident insurance products. The product is designed to be flexible and suitable for all people to reduce financial worries in the event of an accident.

With insurance packages of 20 million VND, 40 million VND, 60 million VND, 80 million VND and 100 million VND respectively, participants can choose the insurance package they desire.

Learn product details here: Bao Viet accident insurance

In recent years, IBAOHIEM has been continuously expanding its network and diversifying insurance products to meet customer needs. Therefore, if customers want to participate in accident insurance, please contact IBAOHIEM immediately to receive advice and enthusiastic support from our professional staff.

It can be said that Bao Viet, PVI, MIC are the ones accident insurance company The most reputable on the market today. Through IBAOHIEM’s sharing above, we hope customers can choose the most suitable insurance package for themselves.

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